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Graduate Student Research Symposium

Important announcement about the SOARS conference scheduled on April 8, 2020. Please visit the SOARS website for more information on this year's event.

What is Research Week?

Research Week is a university-wide celebration of excellence in research and other forms of scholarship produced by students, faculty and staff in all disciplines at the University of North Florida. Research Week includes a campus wide showcase, department symposium, faculty development workshops, poster and oral presentations, plenary speakers, receptions, and award ceremonies. Students, faculty, staff and members of northeast Florida are welcome to join us at UNF as we recognize the many contributions of the University community to the advancements in knowledge, teaching and creativity. You can find more information on the UNF Research Week website.

The Graduate Student Research Symposium

The Graduate School hosts the Graduate Student Research Symposium during the Showcase of Osprey Advancements in Research and Scholarship (SOARS). Graduate students will present a poster from 12:00 - 12:55 p.m. on April 3 during the symposium. Please join us for the poster presentations to learn more about some of the most prestigious research being conducted across campus. A number of other events will take place during this day long conference and we encourage you to join us. You may find a copy of the program on the UNF Research Week website.

Presentation Poster Guidelines

Graduate Students who are presenting will be able to print a presentation poster. Before students print, make sure to follow these few, simple guidelines:

  • Posters should be no larger than 36" x 48" wide and the layout must be landscape.
  • Foam display boards and push pins will be provided for presenters.
  • If students' research should be presented without a poster (e.g., art or video), they should contract OUR to make appropriate accommodations.
  • Posters on which students are first author may be printed in the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).
    • The cost for printing is $.40 per linear inch (e.g., $.40 x 48" = $19.20 plus tax).
    • Students will need to go to the the poster printing website to pay for and to submit their posters for printing.
      • Poster files MUST be PowerPoint files. Files should include the last name(s) of the author(s) and the name of the conference. It is not necessary to include the word poster in the file name - all of the files are posters. For example, a file might be named Smith_Jones_SOARS.ppt. or Anderson_Soars.pptx. We caution students against using Mac computers and Apple products when making posters due to students using Macs tend to have an issue with opening and printing properly on the plotter printer. OUR will not make corrections on files; we will print posters as submitted.
      • If students would like to have their poster printed please contact OUR to schedule an appointment. Please contact OUR for the deadline to submit posters in time to be printed.

How to Submit your Proposal

Graduate students will be given the opportunity to submit abstracts for poster presentations. Abstracts need a title of no more than 16 words. The first and last names, contact information, student majors, affiliations (university or company) for each author need to be listed. Also, you will need to submit two abstracts. The first abstract may NOT exceed 50 words and should be written for a general audience. The first abstract will be used in the program for people attending SOARS to determine what each presentation is about and which of the presentations they wish to attend. The second abstract should be no more than 250 words and written so that reviewers can understand what your project is about. Please avoid jargon. You can submit your abstract through the SOARS Abstract Submission. Please contact them for deadline information.

Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium

Graduate students who participate in the Graduate Student Research Symposium at UNF will be considered for the Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium. This is a great opportunity for UNF students to see what kind of research their peers are conducting at other Florida schools.

Mentor of the Year Award

The Mentor of the Year Award is awarded to one faculty member each year during SOARS. This award was created to recognize faculty members who have gone above and beyond to support, encourage, and teach their graduate researchers. The recipient of this ward should embody every idea of what a good researcher and teacher should be. Undergraduate and graduate students may nominate their faculty member for this prestigious award.


If you are nominated for Mentor of the Year, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the nomination. In the e-mail, there will be a request for a three (3) page vita showcasing your mentoring experience and a one (1) page essay about what makes you Mentor of the Year.