UNF School of Engineering (SoE) Graduate Student Handbook 1. Getting Started

1.1 Inquiries

    1. General inquiries about the SoE MS programs will be handled by the SoE Graduate Program Director (GPD) and the SoE office staff (Building 50, Room 2500). When appropriate, the GPD will refer the potential student to a particular faculty member with interests closely allied with the student’s area of interest.
    2. Inquiries about the status of an application should be directed to the Graduate School.
          Web: http://www.unf.edu/graduateschool/
          Email: graduateschool@unf.edu 
          Telephone: (904) 620-1360
          Fax: (904) 620-1362

    1.2 Admission

    For lists of admission requirements, please click below:



    All admission materials must be sent to the Graduate School. When complete, the student’s file is electronically sent to the School of Engineering.  


    Each application file is reviewed by the Graduate Program Director and in some cases the SoE Director and/or Discipline Faculty. 


    The recommendations by the Graduate Program Director are forwarded to the Graduate School.  


    The Graduate School informs the student, by e-mail, of the admission decision.  



    1.3 Graduate Student Responsibilities

    It is the students’ responsibility to choose a faculty advisor by the second semester, to follow the policies outlined in this handbook, the Graduate School handbook, and the Catalog. It is also the students’ responsibility to register for classes and fill out and submit any necessary forms.


    We ask that students regularly check their UNF emails, Canvas, and myWings for information and announcements.

    1.4 Academic Advising

    Thesis students will be advised by their faculty thesis advisor. A faculty thesis advisor much be chosen by the end of the second term of graduate school. Non-thesis students will be advised either by a faculty member in their discipline or by the Graduate Program Director (GPD). For students without a faculty advisor, the GPD will serve as the academic advisor.


    In choosing a faculty thesis advisor, please meet with the faculty members in your program to learn about their areas of specialty and research interest. Once you have found a faculty member with research interests similar to yours, ask the faculty member to serve as your faculty thesis advisor.


    The Graduate Program Director will serve as the default faculty advisor for those non-thesis students who have not selected a faculty advisor. However, it is strongly suggested that non-thesis students ask one of the faculty members in his/her discipline to serve as faculty advisor.


    The GPD will serve as the advisor for students without a faculty advisor, including thesis students who have not yet selected an advisor.

    1.5 Registration Process

    The course schedule is available on-line at https://banner.unf.edu/pls/nfpo/wksfwbs.p_dept_schd.


    Please visit the on-line schedule to select courses you are interested in taking. Discuss your courses selections with your faculty advisor. Once you have agreed on which courses you are to take, send an email to the SoE Academic Advisor, who will lift a registration hold on your records. Once the hold has been lifted you can register online for your courses.


    Forms available in this handbook under section Forms), obtain necessary signatures, and then submit it to the School of Engineering secretary for filing.