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Graduate Assistant Handbook Chapter 2: Teaching Resources

2.1 Student Accessibility Services

When a student is enrolled in your class and he/she requests a SAS testing room for exam or quizzes, SAS staff will begin the following process:

  1. SAS staff will e-mail you an Exam Information template that allows you to send us specific information about each exam or quiz. Please save the template on your computer so you are able to use it throughout the semester.
  2. Please complete information on the Exam Information template and reply to our exam e-mail account: E-mail the SAS the completed information on the Exam Information template regardless of the exam delivery method you choose (described below).  
    • You will be asked to answer information about exam requirements (for example: length of exam, use of calculator, open-notes, open-book.
    • You will be asked to choose the way in which you will deliver and pick-up the exam (for example: e-mail, fax, SAS visit).
  3. Methods of Exam Delivery: You may include the exam with the e-mail as an attachment (either a Word document, or scanned document), bring the exam to the SAS office (Honors Hall, Building 10, Room 1201), fax the exam to the SAS office (904) 620-3874, or drop off the exam at the Dean’s office in your particular college at least 24 hours before the day the exam will be administered.
  4. Methods of Exam Retrieval: You may pick up your exam at the SAS, request that the exam is scanned and e-mailed back to you, or request that the exam is faxed to you.

2.2 Library Resources

Library Research Help for Students

2.3 Tutoring

The Academic Center for Excellence offers peer assisted tutoring.

2.4 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

An Overview of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).