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Student Resources

Guiding you through the admission process was only the first step. The UNF Graduate School is also here to help you navigate the student experience.

Review the below topics and FAQs, and always feel free to contact us should you have additional questions!

Admitted, now what? FAQs

Congratulations on your acceptance to the UNF Graduate School! Check out our FAQs below and contact us if you have further questions!
  • How do I accept or decline my admission?
    You'll need to complete the Reply to Offer of Admission through your Application Status Portal. There is no fee associated with an admission confirmation.
  • Can I defer my admission?

    Yes, in some cases you may defer your admission. A deferment may be requested for the two consecutive terms immediately preceding your initial term of admission. The program must admit for the requested term unless written approval from the program director is received. Programs that only admit once a year are not eligible for an admission deferment. 

    The deadline to request to defer admission is always the last day of the Add/Drop period each semester. Requests to defer after the deadline will not be accepted unless there are extenuating circumstances. Students who miss the deadline to defer must contact the Graduate School to request a new application to apply again.

    Upcoming deadlines:
    Summer 2023: May 19, 2023
    Fall 2023: August 25, 2023
    Spring 2024: January 12, 2024

    To request to defer your application, please email
  • What happens if I do not enroll in courses for the term I am admitted to?
    If you don't enroll for the term admitted to your application will be canceled for non-matriculation. You will need to reapply for admission to a future term should you seek enrollment.
  • What happens if I do not attend for any term after my first term?

    Once admitted, graduate students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in order to make progress towards degree. The continuous enrollment requirement begins with the initial graduate matriculation term. The Graduate School monitors continuous enrollment and reserves the right to take action if a student fails to maintain continuous enrollment. Students who cannot maintain continuous enrollment should seek a Leave of Absence as outlined in the Graduate Student Enrollment Requirements.

    In the event continuous enrollment is broken, you will need to reapply for admission. Your first step is to verify the next available term in which you can apply by reviewing your Graduate ProgramYou will be held to the admission standards and deadlines for the new term in which you are applying. Test scores and transcripts are automatically carried to new applications, however updated transcripts may be required.
  • Holds

    Many holds can be cleared from your myWings account.

    1. Click the Hold's tile
    2. A list of your holds will load, at the bottom click How to Clear Holds
    3. There should be information on each hold with who to contact and how to remove them. Hyperlinked holds can be removed by clicking on them and completing the requested action.
    4. We also recommend you click on the What's Next tile. From this tile, you'll be able to access a variety of beneficial options.

    Common Hold Types

  • I was provisionally admitted, what does this mean?

    Provisional admission means you must meet the requirements of your Graduate Program Director within your first term in order to gain full admittance to the program. Please contact your Graduate Program Director for specific requirements. 

    At the end of your first term, your Graduate Program Director will notify us to either (1) approve your full admission to the program, or (2) dismiss you from the program. Fully admitted students will be able to continue within the program. If dismissed, your Graduate Program Director will notify you that you did not meet the provisional admission requirements, you will be dropped from all future coursework, and a hold preventing future registration will be placed on your account.
  • Who is my advisor/director?
    Your advisor is your Graduate Program Director.
  • How do I register? Where do I find my registration time ticket?

    Registration information can be found on the Records and Registration site. Here, you will find important tools, including the Registration Guide and Registration Add Errors you may encounter. Please refer to the UNF Course Catalog for information regarding offered courses. All holds on your student account will need to be cleared prior to being able to register. While many will clear instantly, some, such as Campus Clarity, take 24 hours.

    To locate your registration time ticket:

    1. Login to myWings
    2. Select the Registration tile
    3. Select Registration and Course Planner
    4. Select Prepare for Registration
    5. Input the term you are looking for, then you will see your registration status and time ticket information

    If you would like to confirm your registration:

    1. Login to myWings
    2. Select the Student Records tile
    3. Select Academic Records
    4. Select Class Schedule Detail
    5. Choose the applicable term

    Degree-seeking graduate students typically receive time tickets for the earlier part of registration week.

    Non-degree seeking graduate students (i.e. those admitted as graduate non-degree or transient) are assigned a registration time ticket for the Space Available registration date. This registration date is generally the last business day before classes begin for the term. Graduate non-degree course registration requires permission from the Graduate Program Director prior to registration. In order to request a registration override:

    1. Login to myWings
    2. Select the Student Records tile
    3. Select Student Forms from the menu
    4. Select the Online Forms, Appeals and Petitions button
    5. Under Records and Registration, select Registration Override Request
    6. Complete the form and submit

  • What is the cost of tuition?

    The Tuition & Fees site details the costs of graduate school. Certain programs have specially-approved tuition rates. 

    UNF also offers an exclusive graduate tuition rate for UNF bachelor's seeking students and recent graduates. For more information, please refer to the Exclusive Graduate Tuition Rate.
  • Is there a graduate course withdrawal policy?
    While there is not a specific graduate withdrawal policy, some programs do require pre-approval in order to withdraw from a course. It is advised to first consult with your Graduate Program Director before withdrawing from any course.
  • As a matriculated graduate degree-seeking student, how do I change my concentration or major?
    Students that have matriculated and are wishing to change their concentration or major will need to complete a Change of Concentration or Change of Major.

Graduate School Orientation

Congratulations on your acceptance to UNF! Starting your graduate career is new and exciting, and the Graduate School staff are here to assist you along the way.

The university offers new Graduate Student Orientation online and can be found in the What’s Next tile on myWings. In addition, individual programs host their own orientations, and you can see upcoming dates by visiting our orientation webpage.

Graduate Student Enrollment Policy

New Policy Update Effective Now

Graduate Student Enrollment Requirements

The Graduate School has implemented a continuous enrollment policy effective in fall 2021 and we encourage all incoming students to be aware of the policy expectations. The statement of the policy is below and you can read the complete policy 2.1070.

Degree-seeking graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment (fall and spring semesters) of at least one credit hour until degree completion, and they must be enrolled during the term (including summer) in which they graduate from the university. Summer enrollment is not required unless it is the term in which they graduate. The continuous enrollment requirement begins with the initial graduate matriculation term. The Graduate School monitors continuous enrollment and reserves the right to take action if a student fails to maintain continuous enrollment. Individual programs/departments may impose additional enrollment requirements and consequences for students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment.

Important Notice

Students that do not meet the above requirements, and do not apply for and receive a Leave of Absence or Clear Prior status, will receive an account hold preventing future term registration and graduation. Students without an approved Leave of Absence or Clear Prior status on file will be required to submit a Student Petition of Academic Policy. The hold will be lifted if the petition is approved.

Leave of Absence

The Continuous Enrollment policy also provides an opportunity to request a Leave of Absence for extenuating circumstances. Students requesting a Leave of Absence should consult the policy and, if necessary, the Office of Financial Aid. Students can formally request a Leave of Absence no later than the last day of the term immediately preceding the term in which leave is requested. Students should not submit a Leave of Absence for the summer term as enrollment is not required unless it is the term in which they graduate.  

To request a Leave of Absence:

  1. Login to myWings and click on the Student Self-Service tile
  2. Navigate to Online Forms under the Student Services menu
  3. Click on the Leave of Absence form under the Graduate School

It is important to note that individual graduate programs may have their own enrollment expectations and students are strongly encouraged to review all program policies and consult their Graduate Program Director for additional information.

Clear Prior

Thesis/Dissertation Final Term Exception
Students who meet all thesis/dissertation deadlines with the exception of final submission are eligible for Clear Prior status. Clear Prior status waives the requirement to enroll in the final graduation term. In order to be eligible, you must have met all posted thesis/dissertation deadlines for the current term, with the exception of submitting the final thesis/dissertation, Certificate of Approval, and Availability Agreement. Students interested in obtaining Clear Prior status are required to contact us no later than the term end date of the intended graduation term.

Graduate Policies and Regulations

Responsibility of the Student to Stay Informed  

It is the student's responsibility to keep informed of all rules, regulations, and procedures required for graduate studies. Graduate program regulations will not be waived or exceptions granted because students plead ignorance of the regulations or claim failure of the adviser to keep them informed.

If you feel that there are extenuating circumstances that warrant a waiver or exception, a Student Petition of Academic Policy may be submitted.

Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
2.0040P New Degree/Major Programs and Other Curricular Offerings 06/01/2007 3/3/2023
2.0050P Graduate Transfer Credit Policy 11/12/2007 8/1/2019
2.0220P Transient Student Admission Policy 1/14/2008
2.0240P Graduate Program Course Level Policy 7/12/2007 8/1/2019
2.0250P Degree Completion Within Six Years 1/14/2008
2.0260P Graduate Faculty Membership and Review 7/12/2007 8/1/2019
2.0280P Graduate Program Independent Learning Policy 7/12/2007 1/14/2008
2.0300P Graduate GPA Policy 8/1/2019
2.0400P Graduate Academic Standing Policy 7/8/2008 8/1/2019
2.0410P Dismissing a Student from a Graduate Program 7/8/2008 8/1/2019
2.0530P Graduate Academic Learning Compact (GALC) 8/1/2010 7/5/2017
2.0600P Graduate Dual International Degrees 8/1/2010 2/1/2012
2.0720P Graduate Certificate Programs 2/1/2012 8/1/2019
2.0930P Cross-Level Listing of Graduate and Undergraduate Courses 3/14/2016 5/24/2021
2.0980P Award of Posthumous Graduate Degrees 2/28/2017 8/1/2019
2.1010P Appealing Graduate Program Decision 10/25/2017 8/1/2019
2.1030R Graduate Admissions 6/12/2018 5/24/2021
2.1070P Graduate Student Enrollment Requirements 5/24/2021


myWings Forms

About Form
Active, degree-seeking graduate students are eligible to change, replace, and/or remove concentrations and majors. It is advised to discuss your plans with your Graduate Program Director prior to completing a Change of Concentration or Major request. Change of Concentration or Major
Exceptional undergraduate students are provided the opportunity to complete the requirements for both the bachelor's and master's degrees at an accelerated pace. This track allow students to get a head start on their graduate education by taking graduate courses during their junior and senior undergraduate years. Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Degree Pathways


PDF Forms

Unless otherwise stated, the below forms should be submitted back to the Graduate School via email or delivered directly to our office.

About Form
Up to 12 credit hours earned at another institution may be used to satisfy UNF graduate degree requirements. Please refer to the Graduate Transfer Credit Policy for details. To process the form, an official transcript must be received by the Graduate School. Please work with your Graduate Program Director to complete the form.  Transfer of Credit Request
Students in a non-degree status may take up to 12 credit hours before a hold will be placed on their account. This form will be required should they wish to continue taking non-degree courses. Only 12 hours of coursework taken in a non-degree status may be applied to a graduate degree program. The completed form should be submitted to the Graduate School. Graduate Post-Baccalaureate Memorandum of Understanding
Graduate students whose in-state tuition is fully covered by a fellowship and who is classified as an out-of-state resident, may have their out-of-state tuition set to $0 by an Out-of-State Tuition Waiver. The waiver is only good for the terms in which the fellowship pays the in-state tuition and must be submitted each term. This form should be completed by the requesting department and then submitted to the Graduate School. Out-of-State Tuition Waiver for Fellowships
The Employer Reimbursement Plan is designed for graduate students whose employers offer reimbursement for tuition and related fees. The completed form should be sent to Student Financial Services. Employer Reimbursement Plan
Students graduating on a thesis or dissertation track are required to submit forms during their final term. Forms must be submitted to the Graduate School by the posted deadlines. Thesis & Dissertation Forms

Appeals & Petitions

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

A student on Financial Aid Suspension may submit a SAP appeal. If a student on Financial Aid Suspension does not submit an appeal, or such a student submits an appeal and the appeal is denied, the student will remain on Financial Aid Suspension and is ineligible for Federal Student Aid.

Enrollment Services Appeal

May be submitted for reasons related to your financial aid, residency classification, or excess credit hour surcharge. 

Student Petition of Academic Policy
Students seeking variances from University academic policies and regulations may petition select policies. Submitting a petition does not guarantee that a particular policy will be waived as petitions are considered exceptions and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

NEW! Graduate Student of the Month

The Graduate School is excited to announce the launch of the Graduate Student of the Month recognition award!

This initiative is designed to shine a light on outstanding grad Ospreys and recognize them for their hard work and excellence in areas of research, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, and community service. As part of their recognition, the grad student of the month receives a $100 award and a special shoutout on our social media pages! 

Visit the Graduate Student of the Month website now!

Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is to facilitate and enhance the graduate student experience, to advance the reputation and assist the expansion of graduate programs, and to promote quality teaching and research at the University of North Florida.  

Interested in becoming involved?  

We are looking for students who want to take on a strong leadership role here at the University of North Florida. Please email Kira Fellows to find out more about how you could get involved during your time as a graduate student here at UNF.  

We are currently looking to fulfill these roles in the GSO:
  • President 
  • Treasurer 
  • College Representatives 
    • College of Computing, Engineering and Construction 
    • College of Education and Human Services 
    • College of Arts and Sciences 
    • Coggin College of Business 
    • Brooks College of Health 

Graduate Student Research Symposium

Please visit SOARS for more information on upcoming events.

Poster submission Qualtrics

Deadline to submit: Friday, March 24

What is Research Week?

Research Week is a university-wide celebration of excellence in research and other forms of scholarship produced by students, faculty and staff in all disciplines at the University of North Florida. Research Week includes a campus wide showcase, department symposium, faculty development workshops, poster and oral presentations, plenary speakers, receptions, and award ceremonies. Students, faculty, staff and members of northeast Florida are welcome to join us at UNF as we recognize the many contributions of the University community to the advancements in knowledge, teaching and creativity. You can find more information on the UNF Research Week website.

The Graduate Student Research Symposium

The Graduate School hosts the Graduate Student Research Symposium during the Showcase of Osprey Advancements in Research and Scholarship (SOARS). Graduate students will present a poster during the symposium. Please join us for the poster presentations to learn more about some of the most prestigious research being conducted across campus. A number of other events will take place during this day long conference and we encourage you to join us.

Presentation Poster Guidelines

Graduate Students who are presenting will be able to print a presentation poster. Before students print, make sure to follow these few, simple guidelines:

  • Posters should be no larger than 36" x 48" wide and the layout must be landscape
  • Foam display boards and push pins will be provided for presenters
  • If students' research should be presented without a poster (e.g., art or video), they should contract OUR to make appropriate accommodations
  • Posters on which students are first author may be printed in the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

How to Submit your Proposal

Graduate students will be given the opportunity to submit abstracts for poster presentations. Abstracts need a title of no more than 16 words. The first and last names, contact information, student majors, affiliations (university or company) for each author need to be listed. Also, you will need to submit two abstracts. The first abstract may NOT exceed 50 words and should be written for a general audience. The first abstract will be used in the program for people attending SOARS to determine what each presentation is about and which of the presentations they wish to attend. The second abstract should be no more than 250 words and written so that reviewers can understand what your project is about. Please avoid jargon. Contact SOARS for abstract submission and deadline information.

Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium

Graduate students who participate in the Graduate Student Research Symposium at UNF will be considered for the Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium. This is a great opportunity for UNF students to see what kind of research their peers are conducting at other Florida schools.

Mentor of the Year Award

The Mentor of the Year Award is awarded to one faculty member each year during SOARS. This award was created to recognize faculty members who have gone above and beyond to support, encourage, and teach their graduate researchers. The recipient of this ward should embody every idea of what a good researcher and teacher should be. Undergraduate and graduate students may nominate their faculty member for this prestigious award.

If you are nominated for Mentor of the Year, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the nomination. In the e-mail, there will be a request for a three (3) page vita showcasing your mentoring experience and a one (1) page essay about what makes you Mentor of the Year.

Graduate Mentor of the Year (GMOY)

This award is also available each year during SOARS and is overseen by the Graduate School. This coveted award recognizes the most outstanding faculty mentor among many who have excelled in inspiring, guiding, and encouraging the development of skills in their graduate student researchers. The recipient of the Mentor of the Year award exemplifies UNF’s values in terms of teaching, research, and service.

Students must submit their nominations through the SOARS Mentor of the Year Nomination form by Sunday, March 26. Nominations should be uploaded as a one-page Word document or PDF file explaining why the faculty member being nominated is deserving of the UMOY or GMOY award. Spacing/style choices are left up to the discretion of the nominator. 

Additional Resources

Graduating this term?

Academic Calendar




  • Records & Registration Forms
  • How to change personal information
    • You can change your address or physical location in MyWings
    • To change your name or other personal information (like phone number or emergency contact) the Personal Information Update Form will need to be submitted to One Stop Student Services