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The Graduate School

Graduate Provisional Admission Processing

Graduate programs who provisionally admit students must make an admission decision at the end of the initial matriculation term. Program directors will receive email notifications at the end of the student’s first term prompting the director to make an admit decision to fully admit or deny the student. Students cannot continue more than one term in a provisional status. Students also receive an email reminder at the end of their provisional term. Using the steps below you will be able to access the provisional admit processing screens, and input a final admission decision.
  • Step One: Graduate Program Director Email

    When a provisional admitted student requires a final admit or deny decision you will be notified via an email similar to the one below:

    [Student Name and N#] was provisionally admitted to [Program Name] and has completed the [Current Term] semester in a provisional status. Please review the student's UNF coursework and render a decision using the Provisional Admit Review screen in Self-Service Student Maintenance. You will receive two options: fully admitted to the program, or be denied admission to the program. If the decision is to deny admission the student will be dropped from any future program courses. He/she can apply to a new graduate program.

    The student(s) you admitted provisionally will also receive an email reminding them of their provisional admit status. Their email will be similar to the one below:

    This email serves as a reminder that you are provisionally admitted to [Program Name]. Your program director has been contacted to review your admissions status and determine a final decision. If you are denied admission to  [Program Name]  then you will have a hold placed on your record. If you have questions, please contact your program director.

  • Step Two: Access Provisional Admit Review
    To access the provisional admits that require a final admit or deny decision:  
    1. Log into myWings
    2. Select the Staff tab
    3. Under My Applications, click the Employee Self Service link
    4. Click on the UNF Administrative Applications link
    5. Click on the Student Maintenance link
    6. You should have a link in the Student Maintenance menu entitled Provisional Admit Review. This is where you will locate and identify the provisional admits for your program that are awaiting your review and a decision.
  • Step Three: View Provisional Admits

    From the Provisional Admit Review screen you should see all students who are awaiting a final decision. 

    The Term, Level, College, Program, and Major drop-down menus can be adjusted for sorting, however you will only have options for those programs that you have update privileges to. Previous terms are an option for historical information.

  • Step Four: Review Student Transcripts
    The student's transcript is available for review by clicking on View Transcript for the particular student you would like to review.
  • Step Five: Make the Decision

    Now you are ready to make a final decision for the student. To input a decision, select an option from the Decision drop-down menu.

    • Admit - The student will be fully admitted to the program.
    • Deny  - A  AM  hold will be placed on the student's account and any program specific registered courses for a future term will be dropped. This hold will prevent registration.  

    Once you are ready to submit your decision, click Update

    Decisions for all students must be made in order to finish. The screen will save a decision if you need to exit and return to complete the review. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate School.