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Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate assistantships are state-classified university positions supported with university or grant funds and made available through the individual college in which your program of study is housed. Eligibility for an assistantship is limited to graduate students who are officially accepted into a degree program and who are registered full-time in the Fall and Spring terms. Full-time enrollment is considered nine (9) credit hours for masters students, six (6) credit hours for doctoral students for Fall and Spring semesters. In special circumstances for students graduating at the end of a term, a reduction in class load may be approved. An Assistantship Criteria Exception Form will be required detailing the reasons for not being enrolled full-time. For the summer term only, the Assistantship Criteria Exception Form is waived for reduced enrollment. All graduate assistants are required to uphold a 3.0 cumulative GPA to maintain their award. Graduate students who wish to apply for an assistantship should contact the graduate program director for their program of study.

  • Students registered with the DRC are encouraged to contact the Graduate School for information about how accommodations and exceptions may impact eligibility.
  • Partial in-state tuition waiver up to 9 credit hours will be awarded to select graduate students hired at a minimum of .25 FTE (minimum of 10 hours per week) as a graduate assistant, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate research assistant. Please note, not all positions are awarded partial in-state tuition waiver. The Dean of the college in which your program of study is housed approves in-state waiver and notifies the Graduate School prior to it being awarded. When hired, your department should let you know if you know if you will receive a partial tuition waiver.
  • In accordance with university regulations, a graduate student hired at a minimum of .25 FTE (minimum of 10 hours per week) as a graduate assistant, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate research assistant, and who is, for tuition purposes, an out-of-state resident, will have the out-of-state tuition reduction applied to their account. This tuition reduction is only good for semesters during which the student is employed.
  • A student that withdraws from courses and no longer meets the registration requirements, or whose position is terminated prior to the final withdrawal deadline of the semester in which their position is held, will have their partial in-state tuition waiver and/or out-of-state tuition reduction adjusted accordingly or reversed. This could result in an outstanding balance being owed.

Forms and Information for Hiring Graduate Assistants (GAs, GTAs, GRAs) and Fellowships

Position Classification Minimum Graduate Credits Earned
Graduate Assistant None
GA (Non-Teaching)
GA (Teaching Support)
GA (Supervised Teaching)
Graduate Teaching Assistant 18 prior to award
Graduate Teaching Associate 30 prior to award
Graduate Research Assistant None
Graduate Research Associate 30 prior to award