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Graduate Assistantship ePAF Creation FAQ

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Helpful Notes 

  • Always look for comments on an ePAF. They will be located at the bottom and will let you know if additional information is required, corrections need made, etc.
  • When an ePAF is returned for correction, you will receive email reminders until it is corrected.
  • If an ePAF is disapproved by the Graduate School, you will be notified via email by the Graduate School Coordinator of Admissions with the reasoning.
  • When creating an ePAF, make sure to click the Submit button. If it is not submitted, the ePAF will not be forwarded to the approval queue.
  • You can check the status of any ePaf you have submitted by following the instructions outlined in the HR ePAF Training Manual, Section 7: Checking an ePAF's Status


The below FAQ is intended for Graduate Assistantship ePaf creation only. For ePaf creation of all other categories, please refer to the HR ePaf Training Manual.