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Exclusive Graduate Tuition Rate

UNF announces an exclusive graduate tuition rate for UNF bachelor’s seeking students and recent graduates. There has never been a better time to explore UNF’s graduate programs with an anticipated 17% growth in employment in master’s level occupations by 2026.

Who is eligible?

Current undergraduate UNF students who are seeking their first bachelor’s degree are eligible. Most qualified students are enrolled in accelerated bachelor’s to master’s level programs or have been approved to take graduate level courses are eligible. Students who have recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree are also eligible provided they are admitted into a graduate program within three terms of graduating. Student's who continue taking courses without formal admission are ineligible. 

What does “within three terms” mean?

This means students maintain their active student status for three terms after graduating, including summer term. This translates into the next immediate term after graduation and the two following. For example, if you graduate in spring 2020 then you will need to apply and be accepted into a graduate program in summer 2020, fall 2020, or spring 2021 to qualify for lower tuition rates. Graduates who take courses to maintain an active status are ineligible unless they enroll in a graduate program in the specified timeframe.

What do I have to do to maintain these rates as an official graduate student?

Students must enroll and stay active in a graduate program to maintain these rates. Graduate students who stop-out, i.e. break continuous enrollment and therefore must reapply, will be assessed the standard tuition rates upon readmission.

I didn't earn a bachelors degree from UNF, do I qualify?

The decreased tuition is limited to UNF undergraduates who are admitted and enroll in graduate programs within the terms specified.

Do I still have to pay the “fees” in tuition and fees?

Yes, all applicable fees will be assessed at the required rates.

Will these new rates affect my financial aid?

Students remain aid eligible and will be awarded based on FAFSA results and/or merit. 

Are any graduate courses excluded from this Exclusive Graduate Tuition Rate?

Yes, any graduate course in a program that has a specially-approved tuition rate is excluded. You can see all specially approved rates on the Controller website.

I have graduated from my graduate program. Will I continue to receive the discounted rate?

Once you graduate with your graduate level degree, you cannot continue to receive the Exclusive Graduate Tuition Rate.