Badibanga     I chosethe  Master of Arts in General Psychology at the University of North Florida because it offered a quality education.  The professors in the Psychology department are very competent and helpful to students looking to further their educational careers.  Now, in my second year of Graduate school, I can reflect and say that I have received much more from this program than I ever expected.  You truly get out what you put in.  I never expected to travel to South Africa and conduct my thesis research.


    During the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to Pretoria, South Africa to conduct cross-cultural research on creativity in collaboration with the University of Pretoria.  From the moment I arrived in Pretoria, I noticed the beauty of the city and the highly motivated people who inhabited it.  Although the suburbs of Pretoria gave me a warm home-like feeling, I was intent on seeing all the country offered.  I knew that traveling to this beautiful country was a rare opportunity, so I made sure to take full advantage of it!


    I arrived in South Africa at the end of July 2012 and began conducting research immediately.  My research investigates the relationship between creativity and cultural values.  Previous research indicated that culture can influence differences and similarities among people.  It was my pleasure to investigate cross-cultural differences in creativity and cultural values between the United States and South Africa.  The success of my research abroad can be attributed to help from Lecturer Angela Thomas, from the University of Pretoria.  Our collaborative effort enabled us to conduct this study on 190 South African students.


Pretoria 3 Pretoria 2  Pretoria 


    The city offered business, exotic foods, theatre, arts, and enough shopping to keep any visitor busy.  During the months of July – September, the South Africans experience their winter.  During my stay, it was the first time historically for which it snowed in 9 provinces on the same day. 


    I couldn’t leave South Africa without seeing any wildlife.  I was lucky enough to befriend some locals who took me to the Lion and Rhino Park in Johannesburg.  These animals are magnificent creatures! I even had the chance to pet a white-lion baby cub!


 Rhino Cub 


Traveling to South Africa while in Graduate school was one of the most amazing memories I have ever made.


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