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Graduate Program Director Handbook Chapter 11: Graduate Handbooks

11.1 Why Handbooks

Graduate student handbooks are developed in order to create university wide transparency regarding expectation, regulation and orientation. Ultimately, they should protect the interests of students and programs alike. Current graduate program handbooks should be located on each programs website. The Graduate School will publish the general Graduate Student Handbook.

11.2 Graduate School Handbook vs. Departmental Handbook

Graduate students at the University of North Florida are provided with two student handbooks: Graduate School Student Handbook and a Graduate Program Handbook.


The Graduate School Student Handbook contains information related to ALL graduate students, regardless of their programs of study. This handbook addresses policies, procedures and resources related to graduate studies in general at UNF. The Graduate School Student Handbook will be maintained by the Graduate School.


The Graduate Program Handbooks are specific to each department and will vary accordingly. Although all departments are encouraged to use the same template, the contents therein will reflect the individual programs’ requirements above and beyond the university minimums. The maintenance of these handbooks (including but not limited to ensuring that content is correct and current) remains the responsibility of each individual Graduate Program Director.


All graduate students are responsible for reading both the Graduate Student Handbook and their individual Graduate Program Handbooks and will be held responsible for abiding by the contents. To that end, programs are required to provide the necessary access information.

11.3 Minimum Contents for Program Handbooks

All departments will need to have the following information in their individual Graduate Program Student Handbook.



The Graduate School Student Handbook is required reading in addition to this Graduate Program Student Handbook



Academic  Advising

Program Director Responsibilities

Probationary Admissions Evaluation and Requirements


Academic Integrity

Conduct: Personal, Professional and Academic
Internship Expectations
Research Guidelines
Satisfactory Academic Progress: GPA, Timeline


Degree Requirements

Course Requirements
Course levels
Degree Evaluation
Independent Learning
Final Thesis/Project/Dissertation

Department/College Financial Support

Scholarships and Fellowships
Fee Waivers 


Career Services
Research Collaboration
Recommended or Required Industry or Student Organizations