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Program Director Handbook Chapter 6: Admissions and Referrals

6.1 Graduate School Admissions Functions

The Graduate School admissions processing team
  • evaluates transcripts for minimum university and SUS standards necessary for admission;
  • determines referral GPA (last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework);
  • completes the electronic referral to be forwarded to the academic department;
  • inputs admissions decisions when the e-referral is returned from the department;
  • inputs all student update forms;
  • tracks online applications;
  • determines Florida residency for all graduate students;
  • inputs all graduate test scores (GRE, GMAT, MAT, TOEFL, etc.);
  • sends correspondence to applicants, including admission decision emails;
  • collects, logs, and scans all supporting documents, including transcripts, recommendation letters, personal statements, writing samples, etc.;
  • manages a student’s admission packet and all supporting materials;
  • assists students with minor registration problems.

6.2 Graduate Admissions Processing

Students must first submit an electronic graduate application.
All documentation, when received by the Graduate School, is entered into Banner and then scanned into OnBase. It is required that all documentation supporting applications – test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and writing samples – be sent to the Graduate School. Items sent to individual programs should be hand delivered immediately to the Graduate School for processing; this is the only way the Graduate School can account for the completeness of an application.
As applications and supporting documentation are entered into Banner, a record of this will be available to Graduate Program Directors.

6.3 Processing Referrals

The Graduate School will send an electronic referral to the academic department when the applicant has turned in all required documents (application, application fee, transcripts, letters of reference, etc.).


Upon the receipt of these documents, the referral GPA will be calculated, and the referral packet will be sent to the program director through the Electronic Referral System.If the Graduate Program Director has not received a referral, no action concerning the applicant can be taken. Graduate Program Directors should contact the Graduate School if they believe they have applicants for whom they have no referrals. 


When the department has made a decision regarding the admissibility of a student, the referral should be sent back electronically. All referrals should be returned when a decision is made, regardless of what the decision is.


Graduate Program Directors will periodically receive reports via email indicating which referrals are still outstanding. This is an opportunity to double check files and ensure that those with decisions made have been returned. The Graduate School can adjust settings, so that you receive referral notifications daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Contact the Graduate School to make sure you have the setting you desire.


When the electronic referral is returned to the Graduate School, the decision is entered and the appropriate email of admission or denial is sent to the student within 24-48 hours. Applicants can also view these communications in myWings.


It is important that referrals are returned in a timely manner so that the student can take the necessary steps to clear any holds and register for courses.

6.4 Admitting Graduate Students

While programs make the final decision about whether to accept a candidate, it is only the Graduate School that may admit a student to the university. Graduate Program Directors are cautioned against sending any communication to an applicant that would signal his or her admission/acceptance to the university.

6.5 Electronic Referral System Instructions

For detailed instructions, please refer to our Electronic Referral System website.

6.6 Application Deadline

The application process requires the Graduate School to cancel incomplete applications after the deadline for the term. Students with incomplete applications are regularly notified via email of missing items during the active submission window and are always prompted to consistently check their status in MyWings. The Graduate School additionally leaves applications open after the deadline to allow in-progress students to submit outstanding checklist items. But while we make every effort to help applicants complete the requirements, we must also maintain an accurate record of our applications and close the active cycle by cancelling incomplete submissions. 




  1. Prior to the application deadline you will be contacted and asked if you would like to extend your deadline. If we do not receive response back, we will assume you are holding to the posted deadline.
  2. Applicants will be given two calendar weeks after the application deadline to complete their application checklist, unless you request we do so sooner.
  3. Immediately preceding the date set to cancel, we will send one final email as a reminder that any incomplete applications will be cancelled. This notice will allow you to communicate any specific student issues to our office. 
  4. All applicants with outstanding items will be cancelled, unless you specifically requested not to cancel a particular student. Once the cancellation decision is rendered, it cannot be reversed. Students will need to apply online for a future term or apply as non-degree seeking for the cancelled term.
    • Paper applications will no longer be accepted for students wishing to apply after the deadline. They will need to apply online for a future term or apply as non-degree seeking for the requested term.