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Graduate Program Director Handbook Chapter 5: Recruitment

5.1 Partnering with Programs, Departments, and Colleges

Programs, departments, and colleges know where their students come from better than the Graduate School, so it only makes sense that whenever possible recruitment efforts are mutually decided upon and mutually pursued. The Graduate School welcomes all recruitment guidance and assistance that programs, etc., may offer.

5.2 Using Funding Resources for Recruitment

Each college has a certain amount of tuition/matriculation waiver authority as well as funds for assistantship stipends and scholarships. To whatever extent practical, these resources should be used in aid of recruiting high quality students. To do this requires that offers of funding be made before students make their decisions about whether to attend UNF. This means that funding decisions should be made in the spring semester or, at the latest, in the early summer for fall enrollment. Once a student has been formally admitted to the university by the Graduate School, Graduate Program Directors should extend their funding offers soon after admission (how soon depends on the program’s model of making these decisions). It is of course very important not to promise funding that overextends what a program has to offer.