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Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Degree Programs 

UNF provides exceptional undergraduate students with the opportunity to complete the requirements for both the bachelor's and master's degrees at an accelerated pace. Accelerated tracks allow students to get a head start on their graduate education by taking graduate courses during their junior and senior undergraduate years. In most programs, up to 12 credit hours of graduate work also count toward a baccalaureate degree, thus reducing the time it takes to get both degrees.

Programs Offered 

Additional programs may be pending approval. Check back regularly.

  • Public Administration
  • English
  • Mechanical Engineering


Basic eligibility requirements are as follows, however programs may have additional requirements. Please check with your advisor.

  1.  Junior status. 
  2.  Completion of at least 15 undergraduate hours in the major.
  3.  Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 in the major.
  4.  Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 overall.


For additional detailed information, refer to the  Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Track Program Guidelines. 
  1. Meet with the undergraduate and graduate program advisors to establish a curricular pathway to both degrees.
  2. Consult with Financial Aid, and if international, the International Center.
  3. Complete the Undergraduate Accelerated Track Application.
  4. Work towards completion of bachelor's degree.
  5. In final undergraduate semester, apply for graduation and submit the Graduate Accelerated Track Application. 


Undergraduate Accelerated Track Application

Graduate Accelerated Track Application