Graduate Council Members

Member Department Program(s) Represented
Dr. Sarah Provost College of Arts & Sciences: Music Master of Music Performance
Dr. Erinn Gilson College of Arts & Sciences: Philosophy M.A. in Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics
Dr. Chau Johnson Kelly College of Arts & Sciences: History M.A. in History
Dr. George Candler College of Arts & Sciences: Public Administration Master of Public Administration
Dr. Cathy Christie Brooks College of Health: Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition 
Tom Caswell Director of Public Services Thomas G. Carpenter Library
Dr. Roger Eggen College of Computing, Engineering and Construction: Computer Science M.S. in Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering
Dr. Matthew Gilg College of Arts & Sciences: Biology

M.S. in Biology

M.A. in Biology

Dr. Elizabeth Gregg College of Education and Human Services: Leadership , Counseling, and Technology Ed.D., M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, School Counseling 
Dr. Rob Haley Brooks College of Health: Health Administration Master of Health Administration
Dr. Gerard Hogan Brooks College of Health: Nursing Master of Science in Nursing; DNP
Dr. David Jaeger Coggin College of Business: Business Master of Accountancy
Dr. William Klostermeyer  School of Computing MS. Computer Science and Information Sciences.
Dr. Dawn Russell Coggin College of Business:  Master of Business Administration
Dr. Christopher Johnson      Coggin College of Business Associate Dean/Chair
Dr. Christopher Leone   College of Arts & Sciences: General Psychology M.A. in General Psychology
Dr. Tulika Varma  College of Arts & Sciences: Communication M.S. in Communication Management
Dr. Tiffany Baffour College of Arts & Sciences: Social Work Master of Social Work
Dr. Sherry Pinkstaff Brooks College of Health: Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Richmond Wynn Brooks College of Health: Public Health Master of Public Health, Master of Health Administration, M.S. Mental Health Counseling
Dr. Betsy Nies College of Arts & Sciences: English M.A. in English
Dr. Richard Patterson College of Arts and Sciences: Mathematics M.S. in Mathematical Science
Dr. Murat Tiryakioglu College of Computing, Engineering and Construction: Engineering M.S. Civil Engineering, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Electrical Engineering
Dr. Sherry Shaw College of Education and Human Services: Exceptional Student and Deaf Education All M.Ed. Programs in Special Education
Dr. John Parmelee      College of Arts & Sciences: Communication      Communication
Dr. Brenda Vose College of Arts & Sciences: Criminology and Criminal Justice M.S. in Criminal Justice
Dr. Brian Zoellner College of Education and Human Services: Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. John Kantner      The Graduate School Dean of the Graduate School
Megan Kuehner The Graduate School Director
Albert Colom Enrollment Services Associate Vice President
Brian Armbruster GSO representative President