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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council was established by the Faculty Association of the University as the governing structure which is vested with the responsibility of formulating, reviewing, disseminating, and monitoring the implementation of policies and procedures concerning graduate education at the University of North Florida, including but not limited to: 

  1. graduate admissions requirements and policies,
  2. graduate completion requirements,
  3. graduate curriculum standards,
  4. graduate instruction standards, and
  5. graduate faculty standards.

As the principal review and recommending body for graduate programs, policies enacted by the Graduate Council and approved by the Graduate Dean are subject to the final review and approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President.

The Dean of the Graduate School serves as Chair of the Graduate Council. In cooperation with the colleges, the Council is responsible for setting graduate standards, providing for the continuous monitoring of standards, developing new policies and procedures as they are needed, reviewing existing policies, and providing assurance of university-wide compliance with all graduate standards.

Graduate Council Members

Graduate Council Bylaws


If you would like to view the meeting minutes or handouts, please contact the Graduate School.