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Graduate School Policies & Regulations  

Responsibility of the Student to Stay Informed  

It is the student's responsibility to keep informed of all rules, regulations, and procedures required for graduate studies. Graduate program regulations will not be waived or exceptions granted because students plead ignorance of the regulations or claim failure of the adviser to keep them informed.


Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
2.0050P Graduate Transfer Credit Policy 11/12/2007 8/1/2019
2.0220P Transient Student Admission Policy 1/14/2008
2.0240P Graduate Program Course Level Policy 7/12/2007 8/1/2019
2.0250P Degree Completion Within Six Years 1/14/2008
2.0260P Graduate Faculty Membership and Review 7/12/2007 8/1/2019
2.0280P Graduate Program Independent Learning Policy 7/12/2007 1/14/2008
2.0300P Graduate GPA Policy 8/1/2019
2.0400P Graduate Academic Standing Policy 7/8/2008 8/1/2019
2.0410P Dismissing a Student from a Graduate Program 7/8/2008 8/1/2019
2.0530P Graduate Academic Learning Compact (GALC) 8/1/2010 7/5/2017
2.0600P Graduate Dual International Degrees 8/1/2010 2/1/2012
2.0720P Graduate Certificate Programs 2/1/2012 8/1/2019
2.0930P Cross-Level Listing of Graduate and Undergraduate Courses 3/14/2016 5/24/2021
2.0980P Award of Posthumous Graduate Degrees 2/28/2017 8/1/2019
2.1010P Appealing Graduate Program Decision 10/25/2017 8/1/2019
2.1030R Graduate Admissions 6/12/2018 5/24/2021
2.1070P Graduate Student Enrollment Requirements 5/24/2021