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New Policy Update Effective Fall 2021

Graduate Student Enrollment Requirements

The Graduate School has implemented a Continuous Enrollment policy effective in fall 2021 and we encourage all incoming students to be aware of the policy expectations. The statement of the policy is below and you can read the complete policy 2.1070 on UNF's Policies and Regulations website.


Degree-seeking graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment (fall and spring semesters) of at least one credit hour until degree completion, and they must be enrolled during the term (including summer) in which they graduate from the university. The continuous enrollment requirement begins with the initial graduate matriculation term. The Graduate School monitors continuous enrollment and reserves the right to take action if a student fails to maintain continuous enrollment. Individual programs/departments may impose additional enrollment requirements and consequences for students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment.


Important Notice:

Students that do not meet the above requirements, and do not apply for and receive a Leave of Absence or Clear Prior status, will receive an account hold preventing future term registration and graduation. Students without an approved Leave of Absence or Clear Prior status on file will be required to submit a Student Petition of Academic Policy. The hold will be lifted if the petition is approved.

Leave of Absence

The Continuous Enrollment policy also provides an opportunity to request a Leave of Absence for extenuating circumstances. Students requesting a Leave of Absence should consult the policy and, if necessary, the Office of Financial Aid. Students can formally request a Leave of Absence by contacting the Graduate School no later than the last day of the term immediately preceding the term in which leave is requested. 


It is important to note that individual graduate programs may have their own enrollment expectations and students are strongly encouraged to review all program policies and consult their Graduate Program Director for additional information.

Thesis/Dissertation Final Term Exception

Students who meet all thesis/dissertation deadlines with the exception of final submission are eligible for Clear Prior status. Clear Prior status waives the requirement to enroll in the final graduation term. In order to be eligible, all required forms, with the exception of the final thesis/dissertation, Certificate of Approval, and Availability Agreement, must be submitted by the advertised deadlines. Students interested in obtaining Clear Prior status are required to contact the Graduate School no later than the last day of the intended graduation term.