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Express Application

This form is used to: Allow UNF undergraduate students graduating with a baccalaureate degree to easily apply to approved graduate programs. In order to be eligible: (1) students must be classified as a senior or have graduated and are in good academic standing with a 3.25 institutional undergraduate GPA; (2) graduating from UNF with a baccalaureate degree; and (3) submit this form to start graduate courses during one of the three consecutive terms immediately after your graduation term or anticipated graduation term.


Instructions: Please complete all fields below and submit to the Graduate School. Please contact the Graduate School if you are unsure of whether you need to complete this form. This form should be completed at least one month prior to the admission term of choice, and program deadlines must be met.


Personal Information 
First Name:
Last Name:     
UNF Student N#:
Graduating Major:
Graduation Term:

Graduate Application 
(if applicable, please review your program website)
Admission Term:
Important Note: Not all programs offer admission every term, and some have specific eligibility requirements that do not qualify under this portal. Please review our 
Graduate Programs at UNF website for admission terms and deadlines of your program of choice.

Disciplinary and Judicial Declaration 
Failure to answer these questions will result in the denial of your Express Application.
1) Are you currently or have you ever been charged with or subject to disciplinary action for scholastic or any other type of misconduct at any educational institution?
2) Have you ever been convicted, had adjudication withheld, and/or do you have charges pending of any criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation?

Please review our Residency website for residency information. If you select Yes for the following question, you will receive email instructions on how to apply. 
Please note, your undergraduate residency classification cannot be transferred to your graduate record.
Do you wish to claim Florida residency for tuition purposes?

I understand that I am applying for the program and term selected above and that this is not a guarantee of admission. If I wish to change my program and/or defer my admission to another term, I must submit an online admissions application and complete the admission process. I certify that the information given in this form is accurate and complete. I understand that to make false or fraudulent statements within this application may result in disciplinary action, denial of admission, invalidation of credits or degrees earned. If admitted, I hereby agree to abide by the policies of the State Board of Education and the rules and regulations of the University. Should any of the information I have given change, I will immediately notify the Graduate School.