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Coronavirus Information for Graduate Student Concerns

The Graduate School is cognizant of the rapidly changing situation regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. We are aware of the impact on our graduate students as the university shifts to online instruction and away from face-to-face interactions. This is especially true for our Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants, as well as those students actively working on theses and dissertations. The Graduate School has created the FAQ  below to address some of these concerns, and we are available to assist students as well as staff/faculty who have additional questions. We continue to work under the guidance of the Office of the President on all university-related decisions and will consult the Emergency Management team as needed.


The general principle underlying the guidance below is that face-to-face interactions between students, faculty, and staff should be minimized as much as is practicable, especially in large groups. While the FAQ identifies specific situations in which students may work on campus and/or interact with other students, faculty, and staff, any member of the campus community who has traveled into an area with high levels of COVID-19 infection, or who may have interacted with carriers and/or are exhibiting symptoms themselves, should self-isolate or quarantine, as described on the Emergency Management website.

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