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Educational Leadership Dissertations

Monica Bolaños-Boudreau

Dissertation Title: Person-Centered Physical Training Programs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Stimulating Motivation and Participation as Essential Components of Program Development
Co-Chairs: Dr. Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore and Dr. Kristine Webb

Heather Bundshuh

Dissertation Title: A North Florida High School Attendance Program Evaluation
Chair: Dr. Anne Swanson

Pamela Evors

Dissertation Title: Inside Collaborative Communities: Teachers Perspectives of the Collaborative Process
Chair: Dr. Elinor Scheirer

Cheryl Seals Mobley-Gonzalez

Dissertation Title: Making Meaning of Supplier Diversity in Florida's Public Universities: A Narrative Inquiry of Educational Connoisseurship and Criticism
Chair: Dr. Anne Swanson

Jessica Hamelin

Dissertation Title: Factors Predictive of Self Efficacy in First Year Teachers
Co-Chairs: Dr. Anne Swanson and Dr. Hope Wilson

Terrance Souder

Dissertation Title: The Relation between Demographics and Art Discipline as They Pertain to Success on Advanced Placement Exams
Chair: Dr. Anne Swanson

Dione Thomas Webber

Dissertation Title: Perspectives of Overage Graduates: Issues Related to Age that Affected their Schooling
Chair: Dr. Linda Skrla

Catherine Wade

Dissertation Title: An Application and Exploration of a Participatory Process to Examine Educator Perspectives of the Most Important Elements of Their Professional Development School Partnerships
Chair: Dr. Christopher Janson

Dawn Felicia Washington

Dissertation Title: Lift Ev’ry Voice: Using Q Methodology to Understand the Shared Perspectives of African American Undergraduate Students Regarding Strategies that Predominantly White Institutions Can Use to Support their Persistence in STEM.
Chair: Dr. Christopher Janson

Dax Weaver

Dissertation Title: What Makes Collaborative Evaluation Approaches Collaborative? A Methodology Study on Program Evaluators’ Perceptions
Chair: Dr. Christopher Janson