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UNF Alma Mater



We recall those days of gladness,

Nestled midst the lakes and pine,

Where we sought the gift of knowledge,

Alma Mater, pride of mine.


Sing her glory and her praises,

Let them ring from sea to sea!

North Florida we proudly honor,

U-N-F, all hail to thee.


Near the shores of the Atlantic,

Where the Osprey soars on high,

Stands our Alma Mater strong and true,

With her colors gray and blue.


A special thank you to Dr. Erin Bodnar, assistant professor of music and director of bands, and the UNF students, faculty and alumni who sang or played their instrument from home to make this virtual rendition of the UNF Alma Mater possible for our graduates.


Students: Gavin Andrews, Falynn Davies, Marinette Gomez, Elizabeth Kirkconnell, Ted Louckes, Jasmine Merriweather, Aliana Morales, Faith Powell, Brianna Repetti, Ashley Tores, Wilford Kelly (alumni) Faculty: Holly Hammond (Instructor of Music)


Students: Kedrick Adams (baritone saxophone), Van Cole (tuba), Jenna Horan (violin), Leah Hughes (trumpet), Melissa Salek (flute), Neeraja Chandrasekharan (clarinet), Franklin Sandoval (cello) Faculty; Dr. Mike Bovenzi (alto saxophone), Dr. Sarah Provost (flute), Dr. Sunshine Simmons (bass clarinet), Dr. Randy Tinnin (trumpet), Dr. Andrea Venet (vibraphone and marimba)