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Golf Cart on a path at the Golf Complex

Four-hole Golf Course

There are four holes at the UNF Golf Complex, with one being a hybrid hole that can be played as both a par four and par five. The other three holes are par threes. In addition to the hybrid hole, the course is set up with more options on each hole. There are four sets of tees on each hole, and each green has two hole locations at which to shoot. Each time around you can vary your shots by switching tees and aiming at alternate pins. The course is a walking only facility.


Hole 1

A par 3 playing 80 – 193 yards. The green is protected by two large bunkers at the front of the green, with a narrow approach splitting the bunkers.


Hole 2

A par 3 playing 80 – 165 yards. The green is protected by a greenside bunker on the right and natural vegetation to the left. Make sure you choose the right club because the back of the greens slopes off into the natural vegetation.


Hole 3a

A par four playing 275 – 450 yards. Favor the right side of the fairway which will give you the best angle at the green which dog-legs left. A large pond guards the front of the green making the approach shot very difficult. The left side of the green is protected by a bunker.


Hole 3b

A par five playing 365 – 525 yards. The fairway for holes 3a and 3b are shared. After a good tee shot golfers can test one’s fairway woods by going for the green or laying up. The green is protected by two bunkers that sit short of the green.


Hole 4

A par three playing 115-175 yards. The green for hole 3b is used for hole 4 with a different set of tee boxes. Hole 4’s tee box offers golfers a different angle at the green to test accuracy of one’s iron game.