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Athens, Greece 

Students may take two courses on campus over a four-week period at the American College in Greece


Four weeks not enough? Consider a fall or spring semester abroad! For more information, contact us or visit us in Honors Hall (Bldg. 10), Suite 2125.


How to Apply


Travel Dates Summer 2023

Class Dates

Session I: mid-May to mid-June

Session II: late June to late July 


Please note that move in and move out days differ from the class schedule. Move in days are set to accommodate mandatory quarantine periods and may be subject to change.


Residence move in day: TBD

Orientation: TBD

Residence move out day: TBD


Residence move in day: TBD

Orientation: TBD

Residence move out day: TBD


Additional Meeting Dates

Preparatory meetings prior to travel are required as part of these summer programs. Topics discussed include safety, cultural adaptation, program expectations, flight/logistical arrangements, and scholarship opportunities. Mark your calendar for the following mandatory meetings:

  1. Friday, March 24
  2. Friday, April 14
  3. TBD, September 2023 (Re-entry meeting)
Subjects Students must complete a total of six transfer credits (choose two courses) while abroad. When viewing the website, be sure to choose Summer Session I or II 2023 from the drop-down menu. Students are permitted to participate in "face to face" classes only. View the total schedule of classes at ACG's website
 Click the Link above for the full list of Summer 2023 courses. Courses below have been approved from previous years.
  • AH 2027 A 1  Aspects of Greek Art in Athens = ARH3130 Ancient Greek Art & Architecture or 3000-level EUH elective
  • AS 1000 A 1  Introduction to Astronomy = AST2002 Discovering Astronomy
  • CIN 2227 A 1 L4 Modern Greek Cinema = FIL3828 Movements in International Cinema
  • CN 2203 A 1 L4 Introduction to Public Relations = PUR3000 Principles of Public Relations
  • CN 3160 A 1 L5 Digital Storytelling = FIL3363 Documentary Production (prereq = intro to filmmaking)
  • ES 1005 A 1 Contemporary Environmental Issues = BSC3057 Intro to Environmental Studies
  • FN 4044 A 1 Fundamentals of Trading (plus lab) = 4000-level FIN elective (prereq = FIN3403)
  • GR 1000 A 1 Modern Greek I = 1000-level FOL elective
  • GR 1101 A 1 Modern Greek II = 1000-level FOL elective
  • HY 1000 A 1 Survey of Western Civilization I = EUH2957 Core Abroad Landmarks of Western Civilization
  • HY 1001 A 1 Survey of Western Civilization II = EUH2957 Core Abroad Landmarks of Western Civilization
  • OC 1001 A 1 Life in the Oceans (plus lab) = BSC1930 Current Applications in Biology
  • SC 1000 A 1 Science and Everyday Life = BSC1005 Principles of Biology
  • SC 1000 A 1 Science and Everyday Life (lab) = BSC1005L Principles of Biology Lab
  • SO 1001 A 1 L4 Sociology of Modern Life = SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology 
  • AN 1003 A 1 L4 Cultural Anthropology = UNF equivalent pending approval
  • BI 1016 A 1 LE Human Biology: Genetic & Evolutionary = BSC1930 Current Applications in Biology
  • HSS 2220 A 1 LE Strolling Incognito in Athens = UNF equivalent pending approval 
  • IB2006 International Business=MAN3000 Elective
  • CS2179 Business Information Systems=MAN3000 Elective
  • MK4157 International Marketing= MAR4156 International Marketing


TBD - vary according to course. 



Up to 12 UNF undergraduate students who meet the above prerequisites



Students pay all costs (excluding six hours of UNF tuition) directly to ACG, hotels, airlines, etc. It is estimated that these costs will equal approximately $4,000. 

  • Lodging, included in ACG's comprehensive fee below
  • Optional airport pickup, included in ACG's comprehensive fee below
  • One cultural excursion, included in ACG's comprehensive fee below
  • Laundry facilities, included in ACG's comprehensive fee below
  • GeoBlue international health insurance for the program dates
  • Airfare
  • Meals
ACG's comprehensive fee includes one excursion per summer session, as well as  e-books for their courses. If a student has a course that requires a physical textbook or workbook, students will be responsible for purchasing these additional course materials. Students can review the comprehensive fee and what is included on ACG's website.
Accommodation Type Comprehensive Study Abroad Exchange Fee (2022)
Double Room (in shared apartment) $ 2,005
Single Room (in shared apartment) $ 2,620
Private Studio $ 2,840

ACG requires that study abroad students live in ACG housing, so students will be housed in one of their residence halls. ACG offers apartment style living, so students are housed in fully furnished apartments in full-service buildings. You can find out more about  housing and the amenities on ACG's website. By default, students are assigned to a “Double Room” where they share their bedroom with another student, in an apartment shared with other students. There are also options for a “Single Room” (private bedroom in a shared apartment) and a “Studio” (private studio apartment) for additional fees. These options are limited - if a student wants a single or studio they should submit their housing requests as early as possible. ACG Residence Tour Video


Additionally, students must pay for six credits of UNF summer tuition and fees. See our payment process page for more information.

Contact coggin.abroad@unf.eduInternational Business & Study Abroad, Honors Hall (Bldg. 10), Suite 2125