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Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

City at night in Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, the former capital of Imperial Russia, is the second largest city in Russia and is often referred to as the cultural capital. The city, which is a major port to the Baltic Sea, is a major European cultural center and home to a large number of international corporations, foreign consulates, and art museums, including the largest art museum in the world, the Hermitage. 

About Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, commonly referred to as UNECON, is one of the largest universities not only in St Petersburg, but in northwest Russia overall (recently merging with FINEK and ENGECON). The university has 11 regional campuses and over 38,000 students. The university has a particular focus on service and was chosen by the Russian Government as the head University for providing secondary vocational and higher education in the spheres of tourism and hospitality business.


Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

21, Sadovaya Street

191023 St. Petersburg

Russian Feteration

Ms. Natalia Dorofeeva

International Office

UNECON Academics

Academic Calendar

The fall semester runs from early September to late January; the spring semester runs from early February to late June. As UNECON's fall semester runs into January, students wishing to study abroad in Russia for the fall term will have to take their exams early, in order to return to UNF in time for the start of the spring term. View UNECON's Academic Calendar.


  • UNECON focuses on single "block" courses that run 4 hours a day, every day, for one week.
  • Business Courses for Exchange Students
  • Russian Language and Culture Courses for Exchange Students 
  • Russian language is taught during the whole semester. At the beginning of the semester, students have a small test on their evaluation of Russian language level held by the head of the Russian language department. 

Credit & Grade Conversions

For details on grade conversions, see your study abroad advisor.  Credit conversions can be found on our Credit Conversion page.

Students are expected to take the equivalent of 12-15 UNF credits while abroad for fall or spring semesters.  

    UNECON Application Process

    Step 1:

    Submit the following items directly to the Coggin Study Abroad Office (Building 10, Room 2125) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

    • Semester Exchange Study Abroad Application
    • Copy of valid passport
    • Updated resume

    DEADLINE: March 15 for fall semester and September 15 for spring semester

    Step 2:

    Your study abroad advisor will sent your nomination to UNECON. Soon after, UNECON will send an email with instructions to apply online. Students must submit the following documents to their online application for UNECON:

    • Good-quality copy of valid passport in pdf or jpg

    DEADLINE: May 31 for fall semester and October 31 for spring semester

    UNECON Housing & Cost


    UNECON does currently provide on-campus housing for students in the center of St. Petersburg for students in the center of St. Petersburg. Students are instructed to indicate their preferred type of housing when they complete and submit the application form. There are two dormitories on campus that accommodate exchange students. Both double and single rooms are available and will vary in price accordingly. UNECON also arranges pick-up from the airport and rail/bus stations - please contact their international office with your arrival information to arrange pick-up. 


    UNF students participating in a Coggin semester exchange program will pay UNF tuition. Students will be responsible for all other expenses (i.e. flight, meals, housing, etc.). See your study abroad advisor for an estimated cost for one semester at UNECON.


    Note: We recommend using Oanda as a currency converter when determining your budget.


    Please view our Study Abroad Funding page for information about scholarships other funding opportunities.