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Exhibition Proposal Information

The UNF Art Galleries accepts exhibition proposals from artists throughout the year. Proposals are reviewed bi-monthly and selections are made with specific criteria in mind including, quality, audience, educational programming options, community engagement and partnerships, social concerns, diversity, medium and exhibition-type (traveling, faculty-curated or juried).


Artists selected to exhibit may:

  • Be invited to discuss and collaborate on the exhibition elements that foster participatory experiences.
  • Aid in the participation of audio tours by participating in a short, recorded interview.
  • Maintain open and straight forward communications with staff regarding any special needs or requirements for the work.


  • Artists working in any media over the age of 18 are eligible for application.
  • Both national and international artists are eligible for application.
  • All proposals must adhere to the guidelines.

Proposal Guidelines

Each proposal must include the following:

  • Exhibition Proposal/Artist Statement: Please clearly state why the UNF Gallery of Art or UNF Gallery at MOCA is an appropriate venue for your proposal.
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Images: 10 good quality digital images on a CD or DVD; please clearly label each image
  • Press materials: articles (newspaper, magazine, web), reviews, interviews, etc.

Please mail your materials to:

University of North Florida

Coordinator of UNF Art Galleries

1 UNF Drive

Building 45, Room 2022

Jacksonville, FL 32224

A response will be mailed if submissions are accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage.

Gallery Dimensions

UNF Gallery of Art

UNF gallery dimensions

UNF Gallery Information

Building 2, Room 1001 - Square footage 1,672

Building 2, Room 1002 (back space of gallery) - Square footage 321

Walls are 9.5 feet high


Wall lengths in Main area:

14 feet

26 feet (2)

10 feet (2)

16 feet (2) - column in front of one

7 feet


Wall lengths in Back area:

10 feet

5 feet

4 feet (by a double door)

3 feet (by a double door and by another door)

5 feet (by a door)

12 feet



MOCA dimensions 1

MOCA Gallery Dimensions

Wall lengths in outer stretch:

2.5 feet

14 feet and 7 inches (2)

38 feet and 10 inches

10 feet (2)

13 feet

2 feet


Wall lengths in inner section:

2 feet (2)

38 feet and 10 inches