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Art on Campus

The Art on Campus Permanent Collection at the University of North Florida began in 1988. The collection has developed organically over the past 25 years and now includes over 450 works of art. Many of the works were donated as personal or corporate gifts, purchased as part of the Art in State Buildings Program, or purchased by the university for various departments on campus. The works vary in media, from painting and drawing, to ceramics, photography, sculpture, textiles, paper crafts, printmaking, and graphic design.


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Art on Campus Loan Program

Through the display and interpretation of select works from UNF's permanent collection in eligible interior spaces on campus, the Art on Campus Loan Program strives to enrich the lives of the university community.


The works available for the Campus Loan Program will be drawn from designated objects in the permanent collection.


Interested campus units can contact the UNF Gallery of Art at (904) 620-2534.


Loans are available for areas with both reasonable security and access by the public such as reception areas or administrative office and conference rooms. They will not be considered for students for residential use, dining halls, kitchens, corridors, or bathrooms. Eligibility for private offices will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


No fee will be charged to the department/borrower.

Art in the Library

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library's Art in the Library project began in 2008. Since the project's inception the collection has grown to more than 140 pieces through the generosity of artists and collectors. Most of the works are by artists from Northeast Florida. Pieces may be found on display throughout the library's four floors.


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