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Student FAQs

General Questions

What does fraternity and sorority life look like at UNF?

The University of North Florida is proud to have over 30 recognized fraternities and sororities, making us one of the largest Greek communities in the state. Approximately 10% of the undergraduate student population are members of our organizations, and our community has seen significant growth over the last five years.

What does fraternity and sorority membership provide that I cannot get from a club or organization?

Coming to college can be one of the biggest decisions you will make. Choosing to join a fraternity or sorority can greatly assist in your transition to UNF and will provide an unparalleled opportunity to create life-long friendships. Fraternities and sororities promote brotherhood or sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, philanthropy, and financial responsibility. The biggest difference between a club or student organization and a fraternity or sorority is that those experiences end after college. Fraternal membership is for life and its benefits are for all members, undergraduate and alumni!

How much does it cost to join a fraternity or sorority?

The cost associated with membership will vary from chapter to chapter; however, one should expect their first semester of membership to have the highest cost due to several one-time fees (pledge fee, initiation fee, badge fee). After these initial fees are paid, you will be required to pay for semesterly chapter dues. We encourage you to contact the organization(s) you are interested in to inquire about their dues structure and membership costs.

What is the time commitment associated with joining?

Membership in a fraternity or sorority does require more of a time commitment than a student organization or club; however, you’ll find that this time dedication will prove beneficial to you and your UNF experience. The time you choose to dedicate towards your fraternity or sorority membership will dictate the return on that investment; thus, what you put in is what you can expect to get out of the Greek experience. We typically advise students that the time commitment is at least three to five hours per week.


Recruitment Questions

What are the requirements to join a fraternity or sorority at UNF?

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life requires the following to be eligible for membership in any of UNF’s fraternities and sororities:

  • Minimum overall Cumulative GPA, including a transfer GPA, of a 2.5. If the student does not have a college GPA, they must have a minimum high school GPA of a 3.0.
  • Be a fully matriculated student at the University of North Florida.
  • Be currently enrolled in classes at the University of North Florida.

If I don’t have the Cumulative GPA required but my UNF GPA is above a 2.5, can an exception be made?

The Cumulative GPA requirement includes both your UNF GPA and, if applicable, any transfer GPA you may have. If you are enrolled during Summer B, please know that your GPA will be factored into your cumulative average. Thus, it is important for students to perform well academically as to meet our GPA requirement as no exceptions will be made.

How do I know which chapter I should join?

Our fraternities and sororities are multifaceted in membership and structurally, each one looks for members that are committed to the values and ideals of the organization. We encourage you to meet our members, ask questions that are important in your decision making, and to fully explore the breadth of fraternity and sorority chapters to better understand organizational values, structures, and opportunities to identify an organization that is a good fit. We also recommend avoiding chapter stereotypes or letting others influence your decision as to which organization to join.

Do I have to join as a freshman?

No. The fraternity and sorority community is a non-discriminatory and will accept members of all class standings. As long as you meet all OFSL requirements to join, as well as chapter requirements, you are eligible to join. Please note that just because you may want to join a particular organization, that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed membership. If you have specific question, we ask that you check with specific organizations you may be interested in regarding any classification requirements.


Safety & Risk Reduction Questions

What does the “pledge” process look like?

Formerly referred to as "pledging," all fraternity and sorority members experience a period of new member education. During this time, you will participate in weekly meetings to learn about the organization’s history, participate in community service projects, and activities designed to build deep and trustworthy friendships among new members and initiated members. The new member process should never include activities or experiences that are harmful, uncomfortable, disgraceful, or unsafe.

Is hazing a part of the UNF fraternity and sorority experience?

The UNF fraternity and sorority community, its governing councils, and its member organizations do not tolerate hazing in any form. Hazing is against the law in the state of Florida and is a violation of the UNF Student Code of Conduct. Any chapter who violates this policy will be given due process and if found responsible may be subjected to organizational and/or individual sanctions and discipline.

Will I be expected to drink if I join a fraternity or sorority?

The choice to use alcohol is an individual one, and there are members of fraternities and sororities who choose not to consume alcohol at all. There are also fraternities and sororities who do not host events at which alcohol is present, and all UNF fraternities and sororities are also restricted from using chapter funds to purchase alcohol.