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We believe that joining a fraternity or sorority can provide your student with a holistic undergraduate experience; one that will prove rewarding both during their time at UNF and long after. This said, we are committed to providing a safe experience for your student and recognize the hesitancy you may have surrounding fraternity and sorority membership. Let us provide you with helpful information so that together we can support a healthy and positive experience for your student.

The New Member Experience

The new member process can take no longer then eight weeks as per Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life policy; however, most new member programs are typically six weeks in length. At the first new member meeting, your student should receive the following from the New Member Educator: a calendar of events, contact information for chapter officers and advisors, a financial contract to sign, and a list of expectations for the new member that outlines the requirements that they must meet before becoming a fully initiated member of the organization. All of this information can, and should, be shared with parents. In addition, your student should be able to direct you to the national and local websites so you can begin to learn more about the organization they are joining.


Typically, you can expect your student to have one or two weekly meetings with the rest of the students who are joining and the New Member Educator. At these meetings students usually participate in teambuilders, learn about the organization's history, organizational structure, talk about the requirements they must meet in order to become an initiated member, etc. Nothing in these meetings is secret.


Nothing held during the new member experience should be destructive to your student's well-being.

Hazing Prevention

All fraternity and sorority policies forbid hazing and are committed to a membership education period that instills a sense of responsibility and commitment in the new members. This period will assist your student in overcoming some of the concerns about success in college. The University of North Florida, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, its governing councils, and individual chapters have zero tolerance when it comes to hazing, and we take any accusations extremely seriously.


If you believe that your student is being hazed in any student organization, fraternity, sorority, or athletics team, we strongly encourage you to report these concerns to the Office of Student Accountability and Resolution via the Student Conduct Referral Report Form.


We recognize that this is a time of transition with many unknowns. You care about your student and want the best for them, and so do we. We work hard to aid in your student's personal and professional development and believe in the relevance and benefits of fraternity and sorority membership. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at