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We are delighted that your son or daughter is interested in joining our fraternity and sorority community here at the University of North Florida. While at UNF, your student will encounter many opportunities to become involved outside of the classroom experience, and we believe that one of the best means to become acclimated as an Osprey is to join a fraternity or sorority.


The fraternity and sorority community at UNF provides an immediate connection to a close-knit group of collegiate men and women and prides itself on excellence in our community pillars - scholarship, integrity, leadership, personal growth, and community engagement. Participation in fraternity and sorority life is an outstanding way to ensure that your student receives a well-rounded undergraduate experience; one where they will grow personally and intellectually.


We sincerely hope that your son or daughter will consider the fraternity or sorority experience as a part of their undergraduate journey. And we hope to provide you with information so that you can best support your student.


If you have any questions regarding fraternity and sorority at the University of North Florida, we welcome you to contact us at

Benefits of Chapter Membership

Coming to college is one of the major life changes that your student will experience and joining a fraternity or sorority can assist in acclimating your student to UNF. The Greek experience is multifaceted and offers numerous opportunities to your student. They will develop life-long friendships, further develop themselves as leaders, selflessly serve the Jacksonville community and various non-profit organizations, and will be expected to perform to a higher standard academically than non-Greek affiliated students.


The friendships that your student will make through their chapter can last post-commencement. Additionally, (inter)national fraternities and sororities have alumni/alumnae associations across the country to continue providing that support and friendship regardless where your student may live. These networks often assist members in securing jobs, advancing their careers, and continuing to support a life-long membership experience.


Joining a fraternity or sorority is truly an investment in your student's future, and they will reap its benefits both during their collegiate years and for a lifetime.

Commitments Associated with Membership

Time Commitment. While each chapter differs in what it requires of its members, there are certainly time commitments associated with fraternity and sorority membership. Chapters will conduct a weekly membership meeting, meetings for new members, and meetings for the executive board officers. Additionally, your student may be required to attend other events; including but not limited to philanthropies, brotherhood/sisterhood retreats, recruitment activities, and initiation ceremonies. It's important for your student to understand what each chapter's expectations and time commitments are prior to joining. Ultimately, it will be your student who determines their level of involvement that they want to have in their chapter and what kind of experience it will be for them.


Financial Commitment. The Greek experience is an investment in your student's future, and each fraternity and sorority will assess dues to their members. Most often, these dues are paid semesterly and cover the operations and activities hosted by the chapter. Many UNF fraternity and sorority members work to supplement funding for their dues; however, various scholarships and grants are offered to members to help provide financial support. We encourage your student to ask questions related to finances during the recruitment process.

Six Important Questions to Ask Your Child Before They Join

  • What values does this organization promote, and how do they exemplify these values?
  • What is the time commitment associated with membership, and what events/meetings are considered mandatory?
  • What are the expenses associated with membership?
  • How will fraternity or sorority membership affect your student's academics, and what programs does the chapter have in place to support academic success?
  • What leadership opportunities are available to both new members and initiated members?
  • Does the fraternity or sorority have a nationally recognized philanthropy or a particular community service initiative? If so, what is it and is this something your student wants to support?

Your Role

Your role as a parent is important! You have regular contact with your student and know them to select the right fraternity or sorority for them. The most important thing that you can do for your student is to be as supportive as you can. Here are several ways to ensure that you are being an active and informed supporter of your student as they become involved in a fraternity or sorority at UNF:

  • Learn about the fraternity or sorority that your student is interested in by visiting the official website of the fraternity/sorority (inter)national headquarters.
  • Know the academic requirements associated with their fraternity or sorority and ask your student how they're doing in their classes to fulfill and exceed these requirements.
  • Find out the details of the financial obligations of the organization; both as a new member and post-initiation.
  • Ask your student about their membership experience and how they are benefitting from it.
  • Understand the time commitments associated with the new member process and membership experience.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of chapter services, such as leadership opportunities, scholarships offered, and educational programs hosted by the chapter and through the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.