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How Can I Join a Fraternity or Sorority? 

Joining a fraternity or sorority can be one of the most rewarding experiences while at UNF.  Depending on the organization you are interested in, the process may be very different from council to council.  Visit our How to Join page for more detailed information regarding the recruitment, rush and intake processes.

How Many Chapters Are Active at UNF?

The University of North Florida is proud to have 28 chartered fraternal organizations.  Approximately 11% of the undergraduate student population are members within our fraternity and sorority community!

Does It Cost A Lot of Money to Join?

Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment.  When students join a Greek organization, they agree to pay dues and fees while enrolled at UNF in order to maintain membership.  While fraternity and sorority membership is affordable, students should consider the financial obligations before they join.  The first semester in a chapter is always the most expensive, as there are additional fees and costs to cover educational materials and badges.  The cost of membership within each organization varies greatly, and specific questions should be directed toward each individual fraternity or sorority chapter.

What are the Time Commitments Associated with Fraternity and Sorority Life? 

Members of fraternities and sororities will have some mandatory commitments, such as chapter meetings, philanthropy events, etc. to attend each semester.  A typically rule of thumb is that each member should treat their Greek experience as if it was an additional class. (3-4 hours per week)  The time commitment invested may increase if you hold a leadership position.

As a New Student at UNF, Should I Wait a Semester or Year Before Joining?

Adjusting to college life can be challenging to some, and that’s ok! By joining a fraternity or sorority your first semester, you can have an immediate group of friends willing to help you cope with the hassles of college life and experiences you’ll face.

It is important to note that several organizations do not allow first semester/year students to join, allowing for the adjustment to college life.  It is important to ask the individual organization about their policies regarding joining the first year.


Will My Academics be Compromised by Joining a Greek Organization?

On the contrary, a central mission of all fraternity and sorority organizations is academic excellence.  Fraternities and sororities understand that their members are students primarily.  All chapters have GPA minimums to join and remain an active member of the organization.  In addition, there are requirements and programs that may include study hours, tutoring, academic mentoring, scholarships, and other recognition for academic success.  Consistently, fraternity and sorority members at UNF graduate sooner than those who are not Greek-affiliated.    

I Know Which Organization I’m Interested in Joining.  How Can I Get More Information About Them? 

Whereas we encourage all students interested in fraternity and sorority life to explore all options, we recognize that sometimes students know that exact group they are interested in joining.  If this is the case, we encourage you to indicate which chapter on our More Information page so that we can forward your contact information directly to the chapter. 

What are the Safety Risks Associated with Membership in a Fraternity or Sorority? 

Stereotypes suggest that fraternity or sorority membership may compromise a student's safety and well-being.  At the University of North Florida, we pride ourselves on being proactive in educating our chapter and council leaders on our alcohol and risk management policies. These trainings are held every January and again during Greek Summit. The policies are in accordance with the state law of Florida and are enforced by both UNF administrators and members of fraternities and sororities themselves.


Hazing is both against University policy and Florida state law and has no place in any fraternity or sorority organization.  UNF will not tolerate hazing in any student organization.  All fraternity and sorority members know that hazing is against their national policies, University policy, and the law.  Not only can an organization be found responsible for hazing, but the individuals involved can also be found responsible through the conduct process.  This includes members who knew hazing was occurring but did nothing to stop it from happening.  Hazing allegations are investigated by University Police Department to determine if a violation of law took place.  From there, the University Conduct Office will investigate if a violation of the Code of Student Conduct transpired.  At the same time, the headquarters of the organization may also conduct an investigation to discover if their policies were broken.  As you can see, these issues are taken seriously.  All allegations are investigated.  Organizations being investigated are put on a Cease and Desist order with the University until the investigation has concluded.

If I Join a Fraternity or Sorority, Will I be Expected to Drink?

The decision to drink or not to drink is one that every college student must make for him/herself. Many students, both affiliated and non-affiliated, choose to abstain from using alcohol and find their college experiences just as enjoyable.

Does UNF have Greek Housing?  If Not, where are Meetings and Events held?

Currently, no chapter at UNF has a recognized house or place of residence.  Meetings are conducted on campus either in the Student Union or in an academic building.  Fraternities and sororities are recognized student organizations and are able to reserve on campus space at no cost (with a few exceptions).  Most chapter meetings are held on Sunday evenings; however, chapters may have additional weekly meetings for various committees.  

Does Being a Member of a Greek-Letter Organization have Benefits After Graduation? 

Absolutely.  Fraternity and sorority membership is a life-long commitment.  Once you are an initiated member, you remain a member for life.  As such, each national organization has an extensive alumni network.  As you know, in today's job market it is not only important what you know, but who you know.   Being a fraternity or sorority member means having an immediate connection with tens of thousands of other members.  There are many successful fraternity and sorority alumni across the globe who are always looking to hire the best and the brightest that our community has to offer.  In addition, there are alumni groups or graduate chapters that operate in most cities and metropolitan areas across the country.  If you find yourself in a new city, you can start your networking with your brothers or sisters in a local alumni group.