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The Greek Emerging Leaders experience is a multi-day extensive leadership education opportunity that takes place at Walt Disney World Resort.  Selected leaders will participate in over 12 hours of leadership curriculum; learning valuable lessons in leadership and self-discovery.  This unique experience is designed specifically for our fraternity and sorority community members who are within their first year of membership.

What We Do

Our Greek Emerging Leaders experience doesn’t end after our time at Walt Disney World.  The cohort also has meetings and assignments throughout the fall semester and beyond targeted to help our emerging leaders apply their leadership education through opportunities within their individual chapters and the UNF community.

Requirements for Selection

Applications for Greek Emerging Leaders are available each spring semester. 


Those interested in Greek Emerging Leaders met the following requirements at the time of application:

  • Within their first year of membership within their fraternity or sorority.
  • Enrolled as a student at the University of North Florida. 
  • Maintain a minimum semester and cumulative grade point average of a 2.65.
  • Remain in good standing (financial, behavioral, and academically) within their chapter.   

For more information regarding Greek Emerging Leaders, please contact us at


Epsilon Cohort (2022)

         Abby Kuba, Kappa Delta

         Chloe Browning, Alpha Delta Pi

         Crystal Murr, Alpha Delta Pi

         Jessie Sejour, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

         Julia Tines, Delta Gamma

         Raissa Valencia, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

         Sarah Rozycki, Delta Gamma

         Tatiana Drake, Alpha Chi Omega

         Will Lackemacher, Alpha Sigma Phi

         Xavier Ford, Alpha Sigma Phi

Delta Cohort (2021)

         Alex Loggins, Kappa Delta

         Bailey Bernard, Cross-affiliated for Recruitment 2022

         Belle Birtolo, Delta Gamma

         Johnny Grosso, Theta Chi

         Julia Cronyn, Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc.

         Hayden Suderman, Delta Gamma

         Mason Iaconelli, Theta Chi

         Samuel Sanmartin, Theta Chi

         Selma Besirevic, Alpha Delta Pi 

         Tara Willis, Alpha Phi

Gamma Cohort (2020)

         Austin Price, Delta Sigma Phi

         Brooke Berger, Kappa Delta

         Celeste Rivera, Alpha Phi

         Diana Cappadoro, Cross-affiliated for Recruitment 2022

         Jade Staschke, Cross-affiliated for Recruitment 2022

         Lexie Hill, Zeta Tau Alpha 

         Naomi Gillis, Alpha Delta Pi

         Paige Brooks, Delta Gamma

         Samuel Terry, Theta Chi

         Trent Stukes, Delta Sigma Phi

Beta Cohort (2019)

         Alexia McKendrick, Delta Gamma

         Ana Hernandez, Alpha Chi Omega

         Caterina Calabretta, Delta Gamma

         Erin Martin, Alpha Delta Pi

         Maggie Duhigg, Kappa Alpha Theta

         Mateo Sinche Aldas, Delta Sigma Phi

         Morgan Heckle, Kappa Alpha Theta

         Nick Ferry, Chi Phi

         Sarah Streicher, Alpha Chi Omega

         Tricia Rademacher, Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc.

Alpha Cohort (2018)

         Alex Baig, Sigma Chi

         Amber Gessner, Delta Gamma

         Bella Kitzis, Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc.

         Caitlin Lawrence, Delta Gamma

         Jacqui Stone, Alpha Chi Omega

         John Fletcher, Sigma Chi

         Kenzie Kilman, Alpha Delta Pi

         Kristin Ballard, Kappa Alpha Theta

         Olivia Austin, Alpha Phi

         Olivia Lovin, Zeta Tau Alpha