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Community Values 

UNF’s fraternity and sorority community is grounded on five key principles; scholarship, integrity, community engagement, leadership, and personal growth.  These principles also serve as the means for chapter evaluation through our Chapter Accreditation Plan.


SCHOLARSHIP Two students sitting on the library floor with their laptops

As students, our members are first and foremost here at UNF to obtain an education.  Our studies should be of highest priority, and as Greek students, we are held to a higher standard for our academic performance, thus our pursuits should reflect that higher standard.  It is because of our high academic standards that fraternity and sorority members are more likely to graduate within four years than non-Greek affiliated students.   


As organizations focused on perpetuating the highest ideals, fraternities and sororities ought to conduct themselves with the utmost respect for their membership as well as other chapters and UNF students, faculty, and staff members.  Operating and hosting events in good taste and with respect to all, maintaining proper relationships with members and new members, and respecting other campus organizations are necessary to demonstrating this respect, civility, and ethical conduct. 

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Four students in pink matching shirts

As fraternity and sorority members, our privilege on and off campus obligates us to give back to the community, our campus and our city.  This can take the form of philanthropy, raising money for a non-profit organization, or through service, in which our members use their time and talents to help others.  The UNF fraternity and sorority community continues to raise over $147,000 for these causes and perform more than 37,000 hours of service. 


 Leadership is a cornerstone for all of our organizations.  Our organizational missions and histories are dedicated towards making people better so they can lead others in ethical and moral ways.  Chapters create these pipelines through involvement in other on-campus organizations; encouraging leaders to take positions within chapters and councils, having students attend leadership retreats and training, and attending state, regional, and national meetings hosted by their organization. 

PERSONAL GROWTH Students having a group discussion

 Fraternities and sororities exist to perpetuate the highest forms of man and womanhood.  Aiding our membership in their development as men and women of character and diverse interests is essential to maintaining and fulfilling this mission.  And somewhere along our undergraduate journey, we learn more about the men and women we are through personal growth.  Chapters regularly host educational programs to its members across a vast range of topics, including diversity, wellness, risk management, etc.