Caring Awards Luncheon

Each year, winners are announced during a luncheon generously sponsored by Bank of America. The luncheon is an opportunity to recognize and honor the bright, dedicated and selfless individuals who take the time and strive to make the world a better place to live.

This year's luncheon was held at Epping Forest Yacht Club located off San Jose Blvd. in Mandarin. The event was attended by the Caring Selection Committee, UNF staff, finalists and their special guests, faculty and staff who nominated the finalists, and honorary guests.



   2015-Josh Merchant, VP  

Joshua D. Merchant, Ph. D.

UNF VP for University Development and Alumni Engagement, and

Executive Director of the UNF Foundation



  2015-Greg Martha Albert Hugh

Greg Smith and Martha Barrett of Bank of America,

Albert D. Ernest, Jr., and

Hugh Jones, Jr.



2015-Kaitlyn Schwantes and Sergio Saavedra   


Kaitlyn Schwantes-2015 Internship Recipient,

and Sergio Saavedra



   2015-Jamie Giroux and Robert Simpson(1)

Jamie Giroux-2015 Caring Internship Finalst,

and Robert Simpson

 2015-Katherine and Elizabeth Parker

 Katherine Parker - 2015 Caring Internship Finalist,

and Elizabeth Parker


2015-Taylor and Krista Bump(1)   Taylor Bump - 2015 Caring Award Finalist,

and Krista Bump



 2015-Ellery Gainza and Sara Gaver(1)

Ellery Gainza - 2014 Internship Recipient, and

Sara Gaver - 2015 Caring Award Recipient

      2015-Jessica Harden and Emily Moore

Jessica Harden - 2015 Caring Award Finalist,

and Emily Moore



2015-Sara Gaver, Dianne Dawood, Jeffrey Michelman(1)

Sara Gaver - 2015 Caring Award Recipient,

Dianne Dawood and Jeffrey Michelman


  2015-Kaitlyn Schwantes, Hugh and Jackie JonesKaitlyn Schwantes - 2015 Caring Internship Recipient,  Hugh and Jackie Jones