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Endowed and First Gen Scholarship Recognition, Soaring to new heights virtually - blue sky and bird

Recognizing our donors and celebrating the lives
forever changed by their generosity

Through the generosity of many individuals, alumni, local philanthropists, nonprofit organizations and corporations, the University of North Florida Foundation has established merit and need-based scholarships for UNF students. Scholarship support provides students an opportunity to obtain a college education without incurring some of the financial hardships that can come with earning a degree. The support helps students fulfill many dreams and goals
while participating in life changing experiences.


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A Message from the UNF Foundation

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Every day, we see how one gift through the Endowed and First Generation Scholarship program can open so many doors. These gifts change lives — and change the lives of generations. They make our entire community stronger. Now more than ever, our students need this support. They need a community that is committed to their success.  The scholarships provided through the UNF Foundation and the generosity of so many in our community give our students the funding they need to be successful. 


To our donors who have established an endowed and first generation scholarship, we invite you to make a virtual connection with your scholars. Please follow this link to send in a request. A Foundation Scholarship staff member will reach out to you about scheduling a meeting at the convenience of you and your students. If you would like to make a gift to support students or be contacted by a staff member to establish a scholarship, please click the 'Give Now' link below.


Thank you for helping our Ospreys soar! 


Ann McCullen

Vice President for University Development and Alumni Engagement 

Executive Director, UNF Foundation, Inc.


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 Endowed and 

First Generation Scholarships





Endowed and First Generation Scholarships  

Awarded in 2019 - 2020 





  New Endowed and 

First Generation Scholarships


William C. Van Law, III Endowed First Generation Scholarship

"I was inspired to make my gifts to UNF because of the solid foundation it provided me during my time there as a student. Your education creates opportunities. It's like a master key you receive when you graduate that can unlock countless doors filled with future possibilities, and my hope in establishing the scholarship was to provide the support that would allow students to have a more traditional experience." 

Bill Van Law
Endowed and First Generation Scholarship Donor



Ryzewic Family Endowed Scholarship FundTIAA Bank First Generation Scholarship Fund

“As I walk around campus, network with new people, join clubs and deepen my knowledge, I will be thinking of this blessing. The contribution made to my education allows me to keep running after my dreams. Not only does this gift bring me support, but it gives me hope to make a difference and change the world.”

Devonna Harrison
Elementary Education Major


Devonna Harrison headshot

Brian Sherman and David Sherman First Generation Endowed Scholarship

“UNF is like a family to me. Both of my sons are Ospreys and received an excellent education. I chose to establish an endowed and first generation scholarship specifically to help students whose parents did not have the opportunity to go to college and allow those students to benefit from such a valuable resource. The community is so fortunate to have this great institution in our backyard. I encourage people to get involved at the University and take the time to get to know faculty, staff and students.”

Steven Sherman
Endowed and First Generation Scholarship Donor
UNF Foundation Board Member


Steven Sherman 2

THE PLAYERS Championship Endowed First Generation Scholarship 

"I thank you all so much for this great scholarship and this opportunity that you have blessed me with. Not only has it impacted me and had an effect on me but my parents. It has taken away the financial burden of attending school, so I thank you so much."

Chandria Carter
Nursing Major



Terry University Scholars Endowment

"Because of this scholarship, I am able to attend the University of North Florida and study Health Administration. It keeps me motivated to maintain a high GPA and complete my degree. I look forward to giving back to the Jacksonville community and serving as a health care administrator in a skilled nursing facility upon graduation."


Caleb Toney

Health Administration Major



Caleb Toney headshot

Schedule Your Virtual Visit Today!

We invite all donors who have established an endowed or first generation scholarship to schedule time to meet with their scholars. Please share your information below. A Foundation Scholarships staff member will contact you about setting up a meeting with your recipients using Zoom, a virtual conferencing platform. You may also contact Lauren Giliberto at or (904) 620-4334.


A special thank you to our donors who created Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships in the past 12 months. 

American Electrical Contracting Endowed Scholarship

 Jason and Leslie Burnett Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship 

Cobb & Gonzales Construction Scholarship Endowment

First Generation Endowed Scholarship

 Ernest and Sandra Marquez Endowed Scholarship

LandSouth Residential Construction Scholarship

Main Street America Group ASL/English Interpreting Endowed Scholarship

Marnie Jones Honors Scholarship Endowment

Military Spouse Scholarship Endowment 

 Nicki and Chuck Moorer Foundation Endowment 

Moorer Family Navy Veteran Endowed Scholarship

 Katherine T. Suslak Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

 Dr. Christine Rasche Criminology & Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship 

Rubenstein Leaderman Endowed Music Scholarship

Tiwari Family Endowment

Vicars Landing Endowed Scholarship

 Dr. Carolyn Williams History Research Award Endowment  


All Endowed and First Generation Scholarships