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Board Member Responsibilities

August 2015

I. University and Community:

  1. Provide support and counsel to University President
  2. Act as ambassadors of the University in order to cultivate additional community involvement which promotes and encourages education at all levels
  3. Expand member involvement with UNF programs in individual colleges and units 

II. Financial Support:

  1. Increase private giving to the University through identification, cultivation and solicitation of prospective donors
  2. Commit to support the annual board fund drive commensurate with ones ability to contribute and solicit outside gifts to achieve the goals set by the board
  3. Support the University’s goal for campaigns and special projects with active participation 

III. UNF Foundation: 

  1. Attend four full board meetings each year
  2. Participate in committee activities
  3. Fulfill fiduciary responsibilities
  4. Fulfill expectations of the Governance Committee 
    •  Annual self-evaluation
    •  Watch list submission of future Board candidates
    •  Mentor/mentee program 
 The University will ensure that the Board members are informed on all major issues of the University of North Florida and higher education in Florida