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UNF Foundation Board Initiatives 

Faculty Grants

2022 - 2023


The UNF Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity that provides financial support and counsel to the University and enables it to achieve critical elements of its mission.  As such, each year the UNF Foundation Board designates a portion of their budget to fund the Faculty Grants Initiative.  This year the Foundation Board will be able to award $80,000 to faculty projects. The Foundation Board welcomes proposals from all UNF teaching faculty (tenured or tenure-earning faculty, lecturers, or instructors). To apply for grant funding, see the criteria and application timeline below.  


For questions about the Faculty Board Initiatives, contact the UDAE Office at (904) 620-2264. 




Successful proposals will describe an academic, research or special project that will enhance the quality of learning and the reputation of the University of North Florida and that will accomplish one or more of the following goals: 

  •  lead to a significant advancement in its field, 
  •  provide a unique transformational learning opportunity, 
  •  merit publication or production, 
  •  advances the strategic priorities of the faculty member’s department, 
  •  significantly involve UNF students, 
  •  positively impact the communities of Northeast Florida, and 
  •  involve collaboration between or among departments and/or colleges and/or community organizations.

All projects should efficiently use the funds awarded and provide a meaningful return on investment. 


     Letter of Interest Application

    Letter of Interest Applications will be due to your Dean's office by October 29


    2022 - 2023 Timeline 

    September 23, 2022 – Open House. Faculty are invited to meet a group of Foundation Board Grants Committee members to discuss the proposal process and ask any questions they may have on submitting an application. Email the UNF Foundation to RSVP.


    October 29, 2022 – Deadline for submission of one-page Letter of Interest Application to the submitting faculty member's respective dean’s office.  
    December 9, 2022 – The Committee will meet with deans to discuss the Letter of Interest Applications.
    January 13, 2023 – The Committee will meet to select faculty to advance in the grant process. Faculty will be notified shortly after.
    February 13, 2023 – Deadline for submission of full proposals to faculty member's respective dean’s office. In addition, full proposals should be emailed to the UDAE office at
    February 24, 2023 – The Committee will hear presentations from faculty finalists. Visuals and power points may be utilized. The full UNF Foundation Board will vote to approve the Grants Committee’s recommendations for Board Initiative funding.
    July-August, 2023 –  Funding will be disbursed into accounts and faculty will launch their projects during the new academic year.

    Previously Funded Faculty Projects

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