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Stage view from the back of Robinson Theater

Robinson Theater Technical Specifications

Seating Capacity


Section 100 - House Right                        129

Section 200 - Center                                 136

Section 300 - House Left                           129 


ADA Spaces for Wheelchairs/Scooters      6      


Orchestra Total                                            400



Section 100 - House Right                          152

Section 300 - House Left                             152


Balcony Total                                                304  


TOTAL SEATING                                          704


Loading Dock

The loading dock is located behind the Robinson Theater (Building 14A), where building connects to the Fine Arts Center (Building 45). The dock is shared between Robinson Theater and Lazzara Performance Hall. There are two bays, and one side is equipped with a dock leveler. The dock measures 3 feet, 3 inches high with 2443 square feet of receiving room. Each loading door is 10 feet wide by 12 feet high.


The dock area is adjacent to a circular driveway that allows turning space for buses and large trucks. The dock is typically accessible via Lot 12, which is the parking lot for Osprey Village residence hall complex, which is located behind the Fine Arts Center. The dock is also accessible via the driveway that runs along the perimeter of the Fine Arts Center Parking Garage (Garage 44), which dead-ends behind the Fine Arts Center at the loading dock. If access is blocked due to construction or other activities, the technical director will notify clients in advance. 

Bus & Truck Parking 

Limited bus and truck parking is available at the venue with advanced notice. Additional or long-term parking for buses and trucks is available at Lot 53, which is located at Hicks Hall off Kernan Boulevard. Please contact the technical director or event coordinator to arrange for parking.



Dressing Rooms


The Robinson Theater has three dressing rooms that are available for rental. There is a small dressing room located off stage left on the first floor (Room 1317), but it does not have an en suite restroom. There are two dressing rooms (Rooms 2325 and 2327) with en suite restrooms located off stage left on the second floor.  


Green Room   

A small Green Room (Room 1316) is located off stage left on the first floor. The Green Room is included in the rental of the Robinson Theater. The room is outfitted with a leather love seat and club chair and small side tables. The room features a wall of windows, which have curtains that can be closed for privacy. The Green Room also includes a door that leads to the back of the Orchestra Section 100 in House Right.