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Recital Hall Ceiling

Rental Rates

The rates listed below are for events hosted in Lazzara Performance Hall and Robinson Theater.


Prices are non-negotiable and subject to change without notice. A client must provide a valid 501(c)(3) stating non-profit status to qualify for the 20% discount. The non-profit discount applies only to room fees. The discounted rate does not apply to labor charges, A/V equipment, or furnishings.

Rental Rates External

External Non-Profit (20% Discount)

Lazzara Performance Hall $2,200 $1,760
Robinson Theater $1,000 $800

Lobby/Concession Area

*Fee only applies when the client has not already rented the adjacent venue.

$100/hour $80/hour
Dressing Rooms -  Ensemble $75 $60
Dressing Rooms - Artist $50 $40
Green Room / Kitchen $75 $60

Rehearsal Rooms

*Availability dictated by the academic course schedule.

$30/hour $24/hour


*Availability dictated by the academic course schedule.

$20/hour $16/hour

Labor Rates
Labor Rates Charge
Technical Director* $30/hour
Lighting Technician* $25/hour
Sound Technician* $25/hour
Projectionist* $25/hour
Stage Manager* $25/hour
Stagehand* $20/hour
House Manager $20/hour
Assistant House Manager $15/hour
Usher or Concession Attendant $12/hour
University Police Officers** $55/hour


 *Four-hour minimum applies.

**Three-hour minimum applies.   

Video Equipment
Video Equipment Charge Notes
DVD or BluRay Player $25 --
Laptop Computer $100 PC only, Mac not available
Projection Screen $100 Sizes vary depending on venue
Video Projector     $300 --
Television Cart


35mm Film Projector $300 Permanently housed in Robinson Theater

Lighting Equipment
Lighting Equipment Charge Notes
Dance Lighting Package $300 Full stage package plus booms
Full Stage Lighting Package $250 Basic stage production
Lecture Lighting Package $150 Lighting for pit area only
Followspot $75 Per instrument, 2 available
Color Media (gel) $10 Per sheet - ordered in advance upon request
Gobo Template $25 --
Dance Gobos $50 Single fee for dance recitals
LED Accent Lighting $25 Per light, 11 available

Sound Equipment
Sound Equipment Charge Notes
Band Sound Package $650

Includes full range of PA,

10 wireless microphones (lavaliere or handheld),

16 wired microphones,

8 monitor mixes in Lazzara,

4 monitor mixes in Robinson

Full Sound Package $500

10 wireless microphones (lavaliere or handheld),

12 wired microphones,

6 monitor mixes in Lazzara,

4 monitor mixes in Robinson,

Audio from a laptop for presentations (does not include laptop rental)

Medium Sound Package $300

2 wireless microphones (lavaliere or handheld),

6 wired microphones including 2 floor/tap mics,

4 monitor mixes,

Audio from a laptop for presentations (does not include laptop rental)

Monitor Sound Package $250

8 monitor mixes,

monitor board,

splitter rental

Lecture Sound Package    $150

2 microphones (wired or wireless lavalier/handheld),

Audio from a laptop for presentations (does not include laptop rental)

Additional Wireless Microphone     $50 --
Additional Wired Microphone $25 --

Stage Equipment
Stage Equipment Charge Notes
4'x8' Riser Platform $25 Per riser
Choral Risers $250 Multiple configurations
Orchestra Shell $250 Plus labor cost for set up
Marley Dance Floor $250 Plus labor cost for set up
Concert Grand Piano $150 Tuning additional
Upright Piano $50 Tuning additional
Piano Tuning $100 Must be scheduled in advance, fee may increase for multiple pianos
Hazer $50 Only available in Lazzara Hall
Mirror Ball $25 --

Furnishings Charge Notes
6' Round Tables $5

16 available

5' Round Tables $5 7 available
6' Rectangular Tables $5 30+ available
Cocktail Tables $5

30" diameter highboys,

12 available

Table Skirting $5

Navy, 8 available

Black, 30+ available

Table Cloths $5 Ivory available
Orchestra Chairs $3

Grey with chrome legs,

70 available

Armless Chairs $3

Blue with black legs,

370 available

Music Stands   54 available
Podium $50 3 available
Silk Ficus Plants $15 --