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Recital Hall Ceiling

Client Testimonials

"The first rate professionalism of the UNF Fine Arts Center staff represents the kind of talent and effort that you want to be a part of your team. They contribute at every stage of planning and their expertise has enhanced every event we have partnered with them to produce."

                                                 Donna Orender, Founder & CEO 

                                                    Generation W, LLC and the Gen W Now Fund

                                                    Client since 2012

“The UNF Fine Arts center has a convenient back stage facility as well as a very polite and agreeable staff. Every seat in the house is a good one and the parking is simple and plentiful. They are the best facility  we have rented  and we intend to continue renting for a long time.”
                                                 — Kim McDonough, Owner 

                                                    Dansations Performing Arts Center  

                                                     Client since 2007


“Once again, our experience using the Lazzara Performance Hall was amazing!  The staff was fantastic and the facilities clean.  We look forward to using the Lazzara Performance Hall for all our future dance recitals.”


                                               — Kristi Markland-Rice & Mandy Markland-Domingo, Co-Owners 

                                                    No Limits Dance Studio

                                                     Client since 2008



“I have performed in both the Lazzara Performance Hall and Robinson Theater spaces on the campus of UNF.  For the needs of my event, both spaces are wonderful. It is always a pleasure to work on this campus because not only is it in a beautiful location, the office and technical staffs of the Fine Arts Center are always helpful and courteous, making the experience beautiful too.”

                                                 — Bruce Wilson, Founder 

                                                      Kid Power Cares, Inc. 

                                                      Client since 2010

Talon Room


“We held a holiday party for our student club leaders and Business Advisory Council in the Talon Room this year and it was a tremendous success. The event coordinator was very helpful during the planning process and our support at the actual event was top notch. I will be using the Talon Room for more events in the coming year!”


                                              — Shannon Italia, Director 

                                                    Career Management Center, Coggin College of Business

                                                   Client since 2013                                                     



“JAXUSA Partnership hosted its Policy Council and Business Development meeting and reception in the Talon Room. The venue provided the perfect balance between meeting space and room for a nice reception. The staff was excellent to work with and went above and beyond to provide quality service to us.”


                                               — Jerry Mallot, President 

                                                     JAXUSA Partnership

                                                    Client since 2013         



"We were very impressed with the campus, facilities and staff. The accommodations for lunch and within the Talon Room were spectacular and allowed us to further advance our work on behalf of Florida's children, youth and families."

                                                 — Zackary Gibson, Chief Child Advocate & Director

                                                      Office of Adoption & Child Protection, Executive Office of the Governor 

                                                      Client since 2013