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UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections College Reach-Out Program (CROP)

UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections College Reach-Out Program (CROP) is an academically focused after-school program for middle school students. The Family Component of the CROP program is designed to provide useful information, tools, and strategies for use by families to support their middle-school child’s educational goals, academic achievement, and aspirations for the future.


Program Goals

  • Engage families in supporting their children’s academic achievement.
  • Build social networks among families of Jacksonville Pre-Collegiate Connection students.
  • Increase families’ understanding of the importance of post-secondary education and the role middle school plays.
  • Help families learn how to support their children’s learning at home.


Program Description

Families are invited to:

  • attend Family Get-Togethers,
  • accompany their children on college tours and academically-oriented Saturday Excursions,
  • attend end-of-the-year celebrations,
  • create productive home learning environments for their children.
  • Participation in the family events will introduce the academic program to the families so they will understand how program activities will strengthen their child’s academic preparation, foster higher levels of learning, and motivate interest in post-secondary education.



2007-2008 First Year of Implementation

  • Program established at one middle schools
    • Eugene Butler Middle School: 39 Pre-Collegiate Scholars enrolled.
  • Partnership formed with the Community in Schools Team-Up Program also working with Eugene Butler middle school student 


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