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The words "Families Engagement Agenda, Readiness, Preparation, Motivation" over a family with a child.

Family Engagement Agenda


The purpose of the Florida Institute of Education family engagement agenda is to increase the active participation of natural and surrogate families in their children’s learning, motivation, and achievement across multiple levels of education in formal (school) and informal (community and home) settings by developing and testing research-based interventions.


  • Collaborate with neighborhood and community groups to design and implement interventions.
  • Identify and implement strategies to increase the active engagement of families as supporters and motivators of their children’s educational activities.
  • Build the capacity of families to become more effective in their support of their children’s learning and achievement.
  • Strengthen the connections between formal (school) and informal (community and home) learning environments.
  • Disseminate evidence-based practices.

Engage in a Collaborative Development Process 

  1. Identify community entities to collaborate on the design and implementation of the intervention.
  2. Establish desired outcomes for children and families.
  3. Develop a conceptual framework for intervention (content and process).
    • Review and synthesize relevant knowledge bases
    • Identify barriers (i.e., physical, psychological, resource) to the active engagement of families in their children’s learning.
    • Assess the alignment between formal and informal learning environments (structure, behavioral patterns, attitudes) in which children and families function.
  4. Design intervention strategies based on the conceptual framework.
    • identify intervention parameters
    • generate potential intervention strategies
    • evaluate strengths and weaknesses of potential strategies
    • formulate the intervention strategies
  5. Conduct a field test of the intervention. Check for effectiveness and the extent to which desired outcomes are achieved.
  6. Refine intervention and retest with new group of participants.
  7. Disseminate effective strategies to target audiences