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 Research, Evaluation, and Assessment


The Florida Institute of Education (FIE) Research, Evaluation, and Assessment team address critical educational issues in Florida by using systematic approaches to improve practice and inform policy. FIE’s work is characterized by collaborations with state, local, and community agencies; development and dissemination of evidenced-based tools and strategies; commitment to data-informed decision making; and improvement of the learning opportunities provided for historically underserved children. Investigations, designed to provide insight into educational processes and student learning, utilize state- and locally-collected data. Researchers at FIE develop and evaluate educational programs, serve as assessors and evaluators for partners’ projects, work as research and development consultants, and investigate the results of educational policy.  

Research and Evaluation Methodologies: 

 The FIE Research Team, led by Dr. Stephanie Wehry, draws upon well-known research methods such as regression, multivariate, analysis of variance, and design-based research; quasi-experimental methods such as propensity score matching, time series, and regression discontinuity; and methods that recently are more easily accessed such as hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, and data mining.



 The FIE Assessment Team, led by Dr. Madelaine Cosgrove, can directly conduct assessments or train others to so. The Assessment Team consists of trained assessors with extensive experience in individually assessing young children’s school readiness abilities. Additionally, FIE assessors are certified to rate the quality of the learning environments, instruction, and interactions in young children’s classrooms using the Early Language & Literacy Classroom Observation, 2002: the Classroom Assessment Scoring System: PreK, 2013, and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System: K-3: 2012.


 Active Partners:

 FIE active research partners include the Early Learning Coalition of Duval, Inc. (ELC of Duval), the Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office (FHSSCO), the United Way of Northeast Florida, the University of North Florida Child Development and Research Center (CDRC), and the Duval County Public Schools (DCPS).