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PreKindergarten Mentoring Program (SEEDS) 


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SEEDS is a volunteer, mentoring program designed for working with 2-3 children, two times a week 20-30 minutes.  The volunteers use self-contained SEEDS Literacy Packets.



The SEEDS literacy packets address the development of vocabulary and language skills that the children will need to become successful readers.  Interaction with the volunteers, and with the materials and activities gives children additional face-to-face time with an adult, enabling them to participate and learn in a more personal way.


The goal of the SEEDS program is to significantly increase the number of critical oral language and literacy skills of children.  This is done by having the SEEDS volunteers work with pairs of children for short periods of time, two times per week, therefore strengthening and enhancing emergent literacy skills.


Each SEEDS session includes reading a children’s book aloud and asking open-ended questions related to the content of the book.  Literacy related activities are described and initiates vocabulary development and conversations.  SEEDS volunteers learn to use strategies that help children develop the literacy skills and knowledge they need to become successful readers.    

SEEDS Instructional Strategies

SEEDS Monthly Book Selection

Monthly Performance Standards