Dr. Carlson is teaching a small group lesson with 4-year olds 
focusing on robotics and programming concepts using KIBO. 



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 PreK STEM: Robotics, Programming, and Problem 

Solving- An Early Learning STEM Initiative 



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Program Description 
New technology for young children brings robotics to our doorstep. Robotics is a powerful, hands-on, developmentally appropriate tool that allows children to explore, imagine, create, test, and evaluate. This tool can help teach our children 21st century skills including collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiative, robotics, programming, and problem solving must be at the forefront of today’s learning opportunities for success in tomorrow’s jobs.

Exploratory Outcomes for Children:
     • Use an Engineering Design Cycle to solve problems.
     • Program developmentally-appropriate robots.
     • Use a Design Journal to track ideas and progress.
     • Work effectively in teams.


     • Build background knowledge.

Potential Benefits:
     • Opens the door to technological thinking and working for teachers and children. 
     • Helps explore how robotics learning experiences can help children:
          ° Make abstract ideas concrete.
          ° Learn programming skills which correlate with the Florida Standards and Math Practices.
          ° Improve visual memory, basic number sense, and language skills.
          ° Strengthen learning skills such as working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control.

For more information contact:
Heather Monroe-Ossi, Ed.D.
Associate Director for Program
Development and Administration