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UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections:
College Reach-Out Program  

The UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program is a collaborative effort among The Florida Institute of Education, the University of North Florida, the Florida Department of Education, and Duval County Public Schools. The UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections C.R.O.P program is a research-based academically focused program for high school students located at William M. Raines High School. The C.R.O.P program is designed to help increase the number of students from low-income families who enroll in and successfully complete college. The partnerships with William M. Raines High School provides an opportunity to extend support to Scholars by offering college and career exploratory workshops focused on improving Scholars’ key transition knowledge, key learning skills, and cognitive strategies.                                


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UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program Curriculum