What's New in FIE?


Whats NewFamily Child Care Homes Instructional Units (FCCH)


The Family Homes Instructional Units designed for Family Home Care providers and teachers who work with 2, 3, and 4 year old children. The Family Home Instructional Units is a supplemental curriculum that supports recent emergent literacy research that strengthens children's knowledge.

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Whats NewFamily Exploration and Learning ToolKit

 The Family Exploration and Learning Toolkit is divided into the six Strands below. Each Strand includes one overview booklet, six Parent Guides, and three Story Books.
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UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program (CROP) Learning Guide Recognized as First Generation Scholarship Recipient

Ebony Felix serves as a UNF Learning Guide with the UNF/FIE PreCollegiate Connections:  College Reach-Out Program, where she motivates educationally disadvantaged middle school students (PreCollegiate Scholars) from low-income families to attend and successfully complete postsecondary education.

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