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Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office


 The Florida Institute of Education (FIE) hosts the Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office

The Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office is a federally funded office with the specific purpose of supporting and improving collaboration between Head Start and other providers of educational, medical, and social services in Florida. While within the Florida Institute of Education, the Florida Head Start Collaboration Office has:
  • Facilitated the involvement of Head Start programs in the state's innovative voluntary prekindergarten program.

  • Partnered in the development of a research agenda within Head Start programs that has resulted in the nationally recognized report, "Florida Head Start: A Portrait of Our Head Start Children's Outcomes."

  • Supported partnerships to enhance access to oral health services by Head Start children, including convening the first Florida Oral Health Forum.

  • Undertaken disaster assessment and recovery in the wake of multiple hurricanes that impacted Florida communities.

  • Provided leadership for a supplemental funding project focused on improving operations between Community Action Agencies and their Head Start grantees.

  • Partnered to improve access to higher education for Head Start staff through the development of a searchable database of post-secondary, credit-earning training and education in Florida. 

For more information about the FIE/Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office, contact
Dr. Madelaine Cosgrove, Associate Director of School Readiness, 904-620-2496.

For additional information about Head Start, please exit the FIE website to: 
or contact the Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office at