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Family Child Care Homes Instructional Units

Instructional Units are standards-based, literacy-focused curriculum units that are designed to be used in Family Home Care Centers with multi-aged groups, ranging in age from 2+ through age 4.


The Family Home Instructional Units are designed for Family Home Care providers and teachers who work with 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old children. The Family Home Instructional Units are a supplemental curriculum that supports recent emergent literacy research that strengthens children's knowledge.
The Instructional Units are standard-based and the 18 Instructional Unit topics specifically address the development of background knowledge and vocabulary and language skills that focus on the interests of children. Interaction with hands-on materials and activities gives children focused time with teachers, enabling them to participate in more sophisticated, complex conversations and activities.


Enhancing Children's Learning in Family Child Care Homes: 2011-12 Annual Report  


Each of the 18 Instructional Units are based on two, age-appropriate children's books, CORE and Rich Vocabulary words were identified, and includes activities related to oral language, read-aloud activities, letter-sound activities, science, math, and social studies activities. Each of the Instructional Units have books and activities for children ranging in age from 2+-3 and 3+-4 years. Each Family Home Instructional Unit helps develop skills in the following areas:
  • an appreciation for books
  • vocabulary
  • extension of language
  • letter knowledge
  • phonological awareness
  • print knowledge
  • early writing skills

The Instructional Units presented here were funded in part by the U. S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement, Fund for the Improvement of Education as part of the Virtual School Readiness Incubator Project, the Florida Institute of Education at the University of North Florida, and the Early Learning Coalition of Duval, Inc. These materials are still in the refinement phase and should be used with this caution in mind. The content of these units does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of or imply endorsement by the U. S. Department of Education, the University of North Florida, and/or the Early Learning Coalition of Duval, Inc.



Goals Related to Future Comprehension and Reading Success

Vocabulary Development and Language Enhancement and Extension
  • Acquire vocabulary that informs and equips children about the world
  • Use language to construct meaning
  • Use language to figure things out and to solve problems
  • Use language to ask and answer questions
  • Use language to express ideas and predict outcomes
  • Use language to participate in conversations

 Alphabet Knowledge
  • Recognize shapes and letters
  • Know that letters make up words
  • Distinguish letters
  • Show alphabet knowledge 
 Phonological Awareness
  • Show beginning sound recognition and application
  • Show rhyming word recognition and application
  • Knowledge of syllable segmentation
  • Knowledge of phoneme isolation, blending, and segmentation
 Print Knowledge
  • Know concept of word
  • Knowledge of letters and words
  • Translate sound to print
  • Make prediction based on illustrations

Books and Materials


 Family Home Focus Books List





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Supplemental Curriculum Overview

Air Animals   


Care of the Earth






Day and Night


Five Senses


Land Animals




My Community 


My Family


My Feelings












Water Animals






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