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Welcome to FIE

At the Florida Institute of Education (FIE) at the University of North Florida, we believe that education at all levels, Prekindergarten through post-secondary, can be improved by working collaboratively with educators, children, families, and researchers. Through research, FIE seeks to inform policy and decision making, support early learning and PreK-12 educators, and positively impact families and communities in Florida.

FIE builds upon a rich body of research to advance learning in the following areas:

• Early and Emergent Literacy

• Social and Emotional Development

• Family Engagement

• Community-based After School Programs

• Technology in Education

• Strategic Coaching

• Program Evaluation and Research

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News and Announcements

Kids Hope Alliance 3-Year SAIL Network

JJ Afterschool SAIL

Arlington Elementary School

JJ Afterschool SAIL

Normandy Village Elementary School
JJ Afterschool SAIL
Reynolds Lane Elementary School
JJ Afterschool SAIL

Sallye B. Mathis Elementary School

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  FIE is now on Facebook. Please like our page by visiting our site, Florida Institute of Education. We post weekly family and educator information!

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  FIE is now on Twitter. Please follow us @fieunf. We post educator information, educational policy research, and share knowledge regarding educational best practices, reform efforts, and instructional strategies related to literacy as well as technology.

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  The Florida Institute of Education is now an open group on Linkedin. We invite you to join and share professional resources related to educational reform, early childhood education, literacy, family and school partnerships, instructional technology, and collaborative networks.
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