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FIE Doctoral Student Research Assistants 

Building upon FIE’s mission of improving education at all levels, FIE has developed a tradition of supporting the research of doctoral students enrolled in the University of North Florida’s Educational Leadership program. Doctoral Student Research Assistants (DSRA) gain the opportunity to work with highly-respected, knowledgeable FIE staff and to use their education in a research-oriented organization. FIE staff directly work with DSRAs in the capacity of mentoring, knowledge-building, and further developing and refining their research skills.

FIE promotes DSRA research with several activities such as sponsoring occasional research symposia each spring for DSRA work and encouraging DSRAs to present papers at various educational conferences throughout the year. FIE supports DSRAs with other advanced educational opportunities to enhance their knowledge and leadership abilities.

Listed below are current and previous DSRAs along with the FIE Advisory Board that supports their research efforts.

Current FIE DSRAs:

Former FIE DSRAs:

FIE DSRA Advisory Board